Saturday, December 17, 2011

as always

Max didn't know if Derrick would be there for Amanda's funeral. There were so many people at the house. Mostly, Asa's family. At least, he had Daisy. It wasn't that she said much, but she'd get there early in the morning. Leave late at night. He was so happy he'd met her when he did. And to think, she was only going to help him catch up with his English assignments.

His Dad. Different story. He felt alienated from him. Of course, all his dad did was entertain Rosie and the little ones. He didn't understand it. It was as if he were ignoring what was actually happening. How could he

He was hoping to speak with him alone. Except, his dad didn't want to be alone with him. He wanted people around.

"He's hurting." Daisy told him.

"You think?" It made him sad to think his dad was that way. "He's the best actor in the world." Max came to the conclusion as they were getting ready for the funeral. He thought of Derrick. He was a lot like that too. His act wasn't a whole lot different from his Dad's. "Am I like that too?" He asked Daisy while she was helping him with his tie.

"No." She promised. "You're much stronger. They need for you to be strong." She promised as if he were going to battle instead of a cemetery on a cold December day.

Finally, he was alone with his dad as they drove over to the church. It was like seeing his real father for the first time. His Dad broke down full of apologies. He squeezed Max's hand tight.

"You're one my best, you know. Pretty much the best part of me. I hope you know that." He told him he was going to be better. He said he was moving back.


Krystal said...

that was really touching!

Mimi said...

oh gosh, tearjerker! i know a lot of people who cope with loss the same way as max's dad. :/

<3, Mimi
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Cafe Fashionista said...

Things will get better for them all over time. :/

meg said...

I feel for Max and his Dad too. Very poignant.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad he has daisy.

lucy and sarah said...

I'm glad his Dad finally spoke to him.

larissa said...

that's a change.
Nice post again.

ivy's closet said...

This is such a hard time for everyone.