Friday, December 16, 2011

still breathing

Derrick couldn't quite understand what was happening. Especially, with Josie. It wasn't all that complicated.

Yet, it was happening. It felt good to be close to someone. To be away from everything else. It was like walking through a glass mirror and finding what was on the other side. Being with Josie, meant he could be someone else. He didn't have to worry about what happened at the house.

Honestly, he never wanted to step in to that kitchen, again. It was a massacre. The thought of blood made him ill. And he'd gone into hiding. He couldn't talk to Asa. He'd listened to Max a few times. He didn't know how Max could stay at the house, but he did. It was like Max deserved an award or something, but he wanted nothing, but to stay close to Amanda.

"I wish you wouldn't talk that way." Derrick snapped on their first phone call the day after. "You don't even know what you, are saying." How could Max be so spiritual in a time like this? Why would he want to?

Derrick felt so cold. Josie was the only alive thing he could feel. Maybe she was the only thing keeping him going. Now he only drank his coffee black. He didn't want to taste anything good. He only needed the drink for the caffeine. Derrick would do his best to not have anything that might be satisfying. Except for Josie, of course.

This was mourning. Seriously, he had no idea how long it would last. Possibly, forever.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I feel horrible for him right now. :(

caitlin and megan said...

Poor guy. So sad. Hope he'll reach out to the others who are mourning too.

mazzy may said...

Such sad times.

Krystal said...


just tututiny said...

So sad :(

meg said...

I hope he'll talk to more family.

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