Monday, December 12, 2011

here and now

It was hard to keep anything from Rosie. Kyle knew.

She begged to see Mommie.

"Can't just yet." They'd gone over a few things with her. Mommie was in a better place now. Of course, he was thinking how she might feel about all this years from now. It worried him. They'd both probably need to see a grieving counselor or perhaps a group. Some day. Just not today.

"I want Asa." She informed him. Her little hands patted his cheeks as she sat on his lap while he put on her snowboots. It had been a major process of her laying on top of the snow suit to get into it like a sleeping bag. He thought now how long it took to put her in it. She ready to get out of it, if they didn't leave soon.

"Well, he's busy." It was hard to keep from letting it show how much grief stricken he was in. She was very adamant. No way was she staying with Grammy tonight.

"He needs me. I have to. Mommie would want me, too." She nodded so matter of fact that Kyle couldn't help but swell in tears. Here she was thinking about now, and he was thinking of the first time he met Amanda. He could see that look of mischief in Rosie's blue eyes, and it was breath taking.

"Maybe she would, but you've got to give him time." In fact it was only the day after, and he knew Asa was in a daze  with funeral arrangements. "Don't you want to go to the airport to meet Gramp Joe." Kyle did his best to stay positive.

"Who's he?" Rosie winced.

"You know, who he is. Its just been awhile." Kyle reminded her that Gramp Joe got her the little Barbie car he had to put together. Then take apart because Mommie didn't like Rosie driving around in it on the sidewalk. She might end up in the street.

Rosie glared at him. "What happened to my Barbie car?" Her little lips were in a pout.

"We can't worry about it now." They had to get to the airport. Rox was helping Ellie and Amber in the kitchen. They were making chili along with a few other things that one might find to help, in case of hunger.

He loaded Rosie up in her carseat. For a moment, he really wished he could leave her behind, but she'd never forgive him, nor would Joe. It was something that had to be done. So as soon as they got to the lobby, waiting for Joe to make his grand entrance, Rosie tugged at Kyle. "Mommie, wants you and Roxie to have a baby."

"Please, Rosie, not now..." Kyle picked her up. He listened to her talk about Rox as if she might have a litter of pups.

"They would a different color. It wouldn't look like me. And it wouldn't look like Jai." Rosie informed him.

Kyle shook his head. She could always embarrass him. It was as if Rosie took pride in it. He looked up to see Joe coming their way. Thank God.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Kids say such crazy things. :P

lucy and sarah said...

Rosie is definitely a handful.

ivy's closet said...

He's always been a good dad.

larissa said...

Great blog u have.
Very interesting.

meg said...

aw, he may have to get out the Barbie car. I feel bad for Kyle.

Mimi said...

awww, poor little rosie and i feel so bad for kyle, it's so sad. :(

<3, Mimi
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