Saturday, May 5, 2012

as if that weren't enough

"Thank God, you'll do this with me." Daisy was happy that Lola wasn't busy. "See, what happens when I work with my boyfriend? I have to do all the stuff he should be doing. Or even Derrick should be doing ..for that matter, but they are both at the movieplex tonight." She talked nonstop while she drove from Lola's to Josie's.

"Damn it!?" She came to a jolt at the stoplight. "Check in my bag to see if I have her keys?"

Lola took a peek in Daisy's huge round bag. She found everything from video games to tampons but no keys.

"Dang." Daisy sighed. "I'll have to check in my room. I bet I left her keys on my bed."

Lola wondered if her room could possibly be as messy as her bag of treasures she carried.

Within a few minutes they were in Daisy's drive way. Daisy got out. Lola thought maybe she should stay put. She'd never been to Daisy's house. In fact, she'd never really hung out with Daisy. Of course, she always did things with Ian. Sometimes, Daisy and Max were around. They sort of did things together. But now it was just the two of them.

"You're coming, aren't you?" Daisy winced back.

Lola nodded. She supposed she could come in. Still, wasn't sure why they needed to go to Josie's to get her stuff. But she'd help. It was just an accident that she'd seen Daisy in passing at the grocery store.

"Oh, this is great! Crosby! Just what are, you, doing?" Daisy was even more agrivated now. Lola wasn't sure what she walked in on. There in the livingroom. There was an Asian guy with a guitar, and several old LPs spread out on the floor of the livingroom.

"Chill! Will you!" Crosby squinted hard as if Daisy was interrupting something.

Daisy sighed. She looked back at Lola and introduced her to Crosby.

"He's  practically my brother." She looked in the fridge instead of going to find the keys. "I know him so well, that I can't I stand him."

Lola smiled. From what she saw, he was definitely crazy hot. She wouldn't dare admit that. Hopefully, he didn't notice that she was instantly taken with him. She was pretty sure, he was studying the words to an old song by John Lennon. Thankfully, a true artist had saved her from her gawking. She tried her best not to notice he was there, as she hugged herself. But of course, Daisy left her in the kitchen for a few minutes.

Next thing she knew Crosby was in the kitchen. He got her a soda.

"She's always mean to her guests." He told her.

Lola nodded accepting the diet drink.

"You two go to school together?" He wanted to know.

Lola nodded, thinking a frog might be stuck in her throat.

Crosby let a smile slip. "You're really quiet." He told her he went to a Catholic school, an all boys prep school. "As if I'd ever be a priest." He laughed, opened the lid to the canned drink.

Daisy popped in again.

"YOU ARE GOING TO HELP US!" Daisy demanded then. "No way, can Lola and I get those stupid curtains down, in Josie's room."

Crosby looked at her as if she were crazy, but they followed. Crosby got in the back seat. Lola stayed up front. She was very conscious of him watching her from the backseat. She thought she might have a heart-attack as they drove to Josie's empty house.

Within seconds they were in Josie's room. Naturally, Crosby looked around as if it were a museum of some kind.

"Remind me, to never get pregnant." Daisy stated as she tossed some of Josie's things in a box from her dresser.

"Check." Crosby sounded as if he'd put it right into his smartphone.

"God, why are they so crazy about her?" Daisy made a face of disgust. Lola was sure Daisy must be upset with Josie, or something. Lola remained indifferent as she went to checkout the curtains.

"I guess that's what I'm here for." He smiled at Lola then as he came so close to her that she could smell him. Never before had she been enticed by spicy food. A laugh filled her up.

Crosby chuckled as if he got the joke.

"You smell really nice." He told her then.

Lola looked at  him wide-eyed. She wondered if this could be a moment. Could it? She felt a bit woozy around him. She was not expecting this. But somehow, she helped him with the curtains as she watched his taunt biceps at work.

If only she were truly tiny and half his size, then maybe this would be the perfect reality. Instead, she felt as if she belonged to a tribe of trolls, but that didn't stop him from smiling at her.

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