Sunday, May 20, 2012

having a chat

Willow could hardly believe it. Her brother. So grown up.

"Look, at you!" She couldn't help but mess with his ginger hair. It was good to be alone with him in his home.

He helped with the baby. Even more, the infant knew him and was just as content in his arms as his father's. Willow was awe-struck. How had this happened?

She caught herself asking if he remembered the time he found the hurt squirrel in the park.

"You wanted to keep it." She smiled, but they took it to the Animal Human Society. She was pretty sure they disposed of it. "You always wanted a pet."

"Not always." Jonah winced. "Besides, Tristan is not a pet." Jonah eye-balled her then.

"Precisely." Willow smiled.

She didn't think he was as angry, as he used to be. He was calm around Gilly. Of course, it was awkward what to ask of Gilly. She was a little shocked to find they were sleeping together.

"We're just friends." Jonah informed her.

Willow gave him a pat on the back. They sat together at the little dining table in Jonah's flat.

"I've missed you. Are you ever coming home?" It was good to be here in his flat. Honestly, she didn't want to shop. Maybe see the sights with Jules. But this was all she really wanted... was to be near her brother, again.

"I am home." He laughed.

"Would you come to my wedding?" She wanted to know.

"Will it be stuffy?" He snarled his nose up just to tease her.

"No." She laughed. "It'll be fun. At the park." Willow told him. Jonah shrugged.

"Yes, I'll be there." He looked at her as if he would be the brother she always knew and she always wanted.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Their banter is adorable! :)

ivy's closet said...

I'm glad they made up.

lucy and sarah said...

Jonah is so Jonah. I'm glad she's there for him.

meg said...

I love the picture. I'm happy for them.

Gianella Peralta said...

Nothing beats a sweet family reunion :)