Wednesday, May 23, 2012

waiting for the next laugh

Josie was watching her salt in take. No more fries. Nothing fried, in fact. Maybe that's what took care of the swollen ankles. Actually, she'd never felt so happy in a long time. Possibly, it was the job. Having some place to go, everyday. Not being stuck at Asa's alone.

"I think its all your fault." She informed Ian while they were behind the counter. She ran the cash register and he saw to the coffee machines. They were a good team.

Of course, there was that moment, not so long ago that he tried to tell her something. But not exactly. She knew it was something that was quite upsetting. But she didn't push him to tell her everything. Josie didn't know why, but she told him they'd get through this together. Before she knew it she was telling him if he needed to talk, she'd listen, anytime. Day or night. She was here for him because out of everyone at the moment, she felt he was here for her.

But now she felt this work vacation might be coming to an end.

"I dunno if I want Jules and Willow to come back." Josie finally confessed.

"Why would you say that?" Ian smiled as if it must have been a silly joke.

"They probably won't need me." She couldn't see them wanting a pregnant girl around. Besides, there would be Jules, who'd been so nice to her. Maybe he was being nice to her because Ian was around. "And I wouldn't want to be here, if you weren't here."

Emotions got the best to her, a lot lately. She didn't want to be so dramatic, but it was true. Ian did make everything better.

"Willow likes you. I'm sure you could come in at lunch. They'll need somebody over the summer." Ian assured her.

"Summer?" She rolled her eyes. She was certain she wouldn't be going anywhere. "What are you doing this summer?" Josie thought of her mother on her visit to South Africa. Josie doubted she was coming back. It didn't even bother her.

"I guess I'll be right here." Ian sounded as if he'd working at the library, even mowing a few lawns.

"So that's where that tan is coming from." Josie wondered about that. She supposed those outdoor pharems of his were getting the best of her, too. Just why was she so attracted to him? They did work well together. "I guess you won't be working here, when they come back?"

Ian shook his head, no.

Josie felt as if she might explode into tears. She didn't mean to be a baby about it. Josie hugged him hard.

"I'm going to miss you, already." She sobbed. Finally, she looked to see she'd left a wet spot on his shirt from all her tears. Josie was sure she knew how to keep a guy away, perhaps she could write the book on it. Finally, she blotted out her massacre from making a mess with some napkins. It wasn't easy to compose herself these days. Maybe she would be better off to be confined to her room.


The Fashion Scan said...

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Gianella Peralta said...

Don't worry, Josie. It'll work out fine in the end. And should you write the book, I'll read it. Hahahaha

lucy and sarah said...

Oh, Josie must be full of emotions.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Poor Josie...she is so emotional lately - as to be expected, of course. :/

ivy's closet said...

I do feel for Josie. She must be in limbo right now. I love that she's vulnerable...possibly more than she even knows, but its good she's met Ian too.

Spencer and Toby said...

It was be so hard to be her..right now.

meg said...

Maybe it won't be so bad.

Tarah and the City said...

Oh, NO! I feel bad for her.
Tarah and the City