Tuesday, May 22, 2012

what you didn't know

"I really wished you'd told me sooner." Rox was there in a heartbeat when she found out that Asa needed a little extra help around the house. She'd brought some casseroles to freeze and heat up when needed. She got to the laundry.

Of course, she was encouraging about the place.

"Its really not that bad. I've seen worse." She assured Asa.

"Well, the boys could help out more." He told her how it used to be. They were never this messy. He didn't think.

Rox only laughed. She took a gander at the stove, thinking this might be a good time to tackle the oven. "They always have to be told what to do." Jai never liked to clean up.

"But Max loves to vacuum." Asa shrugged as he was folding towels at the kitchen table. "I guess I've been depending on him too much." He asked her how everything was going.

She mentioned Jazmin's wedding. Still it was a shock about her sister having a baby. She knew now she should have expected it.

"Its not a big deal. Its as this hotel with a water park. We're all spending the weekend." She sounded as if everyone would be in their swim suit. Jai, at least thought so.

Jazmin would wear a simple white A-line dress. Nothing fancy.

"My mother's coming." That was the big news. Jazmin tracked her down in Kansas City. They'd been talking a lot on the phone. Rox even joined in on the conversation. Still, seeing her mother would not be easy. They did have their issues. It was hard to be nice to someone who could only think of negative things.

"Sounds like a family reunion." Asa smiled.

"Yeah, guess so." She shooed Asa back to his laptop. He was waiting for a conference call with some young adult author he was trying to get as a speaker. Rox could manage on her own with the housekeeping. Kyle had the kids with him, so she had time to get the kitchen in order.


lucy and sarah said...

Glad Rox is there.

Anonymous said...

I kind of like them together, but I know that would be just wrong.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Everything will be perfect. :)

Sara said...

She is awesome. Go Rox!

meg said...

Yeah, for Rox.

Syed said...

With everyone coming together for the weekend, it could either be a step forward in a good way, or just one immense mess (where family is concerned probably the latter more often than not!).

Mimi said...

i hope everything turns out okay! ;)

p.s. shay mitchell is so pretty!

<3, Mimi
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The Fashion Scan said...

Thanks for following!!! I follow you back now!!! Follow each other also on Bloglovin and Facebook?? Let me know! kiss :D