Wednesday, June 13, 2012

like crazy

Henry guessed having Derrick come by the library was one less worry. Actually, he had a lot on his mind.

Yes, he was a quick study with the whole library system. He'd figured that part easily and ended up doing the old woman's work for her. She was a good listener too. He told her all about Derrick. At first, he was sure she'd be shocked or give him some religious pamphlets. Maybe even tell him he was going to hell, but she didn't.

Her older brother was gay.

Suddenly, Henry was spellbound. Listening to her. It wasn't that her brother died of aids nor been silenced in a deadly rage by anyone. "Things were just quieter then. He was very good friends with someone he went to church with." She told him all about how he'd had a very long lasting relationship with his friend. Decades in fact. They'd grown old together.

Suddenly, Henry felt he could have what he wanted. It would perhaps take longer, but he'd stand his ground with Derrick. Somehow.

There was also this thing with Audrey. He felt for sure they would fire her by now, and they'd let him step right in. She was still around. Not doing much, but still there. Hiding in the stacks, reading graphic novels in the biographies.

His brother dropped in to see him at the library last week, and Aidan met her. That was a complete disaster. Especially, when they actually hit it off. And now Audrey was at his house with Aidan. Henry felt as if his life had been poisoned. What was wrong with his brother?

"Who picks up girls at the library?" He finally confided in Derrick that night. They'd kissed and made up, but it was like Derrick knew something was on Henry's mind. So they talked, but not about that thing that didn't happen not so long ago. It was a forbidden subject at the moment.

Of course, Derrick only laughed at him. It was as if he were off the hook now. Naturally, Henry had missed the making out sessions. There was lots of catching up to do.

He didn't hate Audrey, but he knew it was not a good thing. His brother and Audrey.

"I have a good mind to just call  his wife." Henry sat up in Derrick's bed as if it were a bright idea. Why hadn't he thought of calling Elaine before now? Of course, he didn't think Audrey would be stuck to Aidan like glue, either.

"You don't have to do it, this moment." Derrick was trying to get him back to where they were, long dreamy kisses and blissful touches.

"I hope she has the same phone number." Henry couldn't help but think Aidan was making the biggest mistake of his life.

"You aren't going to call her, right now? Are, you?" Derrick was left with his jeans unbuttoned, but he zipped up and went to get them some sodas. Evidently, Henry was going to call Elaine. He got his cell out and went through his contacts.

Of course, it was the wrong phone number. It went directly to Aidan's. Henry gritted and put his phone away. Just then, Derrick's phone buzzed on the night stand. It surprised Henry. He hopped across the bed to see who was calling.

Dorian. Henry couldn't help but stare at it for a moment. A shiver stung him, as if he should have known. The football player from the play. Henry squinted hard.  He reached for Derrick's cell. He couldn't help himself. He had to see what Dorian texted.


StreetChic by Eriel said...

amazing post!!really great style

Cafe Fashionista said...

Trouble in paradise. :/

Valeria said...

I like your style and your blog is adorable!!! check mine we could follow on GFC and Bloglovin!!! xoxo

ivy's closet said...

OMG...what's Henry gonna do?

lucy and sarah said...

I feel for Henry. But I'm sure Derrick wish he wasn't think about his brother and Audrey while they were making out.

Very interesting developments.

mazzy may said...

I do feel bad for Henry. Wondering about Dorian. Worried about his brother and Audrey.

Its hard to be Henry.

Kimberly said...

great post this gives me something interesting to read while at work!

City Style

Tarah and the City said...

I can't wait to read about Henry's next move.
Tarah and the City

Mimi said...

i kinda had a feeling it was the wrong phone number...

<3, Mimi
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