Wednesday, July 11, 2012

here's how the story goes

Jazmin and Jared got married.

Rox looked over the wedding scrap book with her sisters. Yes, Jazmin's wedding was finally over.

What was suppose to be a small affair at the hotel next to the water park, turned out to be a convention of hairdressers. Jaz's friend Carter, really out did himself with all the picture taking and styling. Of course, Jazmin looked as if she might have been getting ready for a booty call instead of a wedding. But her platform heels were white and the ceremony was a closeness for all of them. Rox was on one side of her and Tyra on the other. They were afraid Jasmin might fall in the tight fitting strapless white mini that she wore on her wedding day. One might have thought Jared was marrying all three of them.

 They now looked through picture after picture while Jazmin explained one more time, who all her friends were and when she'd worked with them. There mother was a no show. Jazmin expected it. Rox was hopeful. Tyra said nothing as if the woman was a total stranger to her.

"I'm hungry." Jai ordered as he did a little dance around them. He might have been all of four, but he knew how to push all their buttons, to make them wait on him.

"You know where the food is." Jazmin shooed him away as they waited for her to turn another page.

"Oh my God, I forgot J.Z. was even there." Jazmin kept her eye on the big African American guy who looked like he should be in the NFL.

"Who is he?" Tyra winced.

"He wanted to marry me, so bad." Jazmin sighed. "His mother hated me. She forbid him to see me." Jazmin went on as if she had legions of fans.

Rox rolled her eyes and got up to see what Jai was up to.

He got into the uncut cherry pie on the kitchen counter.

"What are you doing?" Rox snapped.

All she got was giggling. She washed off his face. The kitchen looked spotless until now. Everything had a place. It was so clinical. Rox looked around. Jared liked a tight ship. She wondered how Jazmin did it. Jared was not one to help.

She cleaned Jai up and the mess. She had to wonder how Jared would be once the baby arrived. He certainly was no help to her with Jai. Of course, if you heard his side of it, it was Rox who wouldn't let him help. But on her side of the story, he would have a fit if he even thought Jai had a poopy pamper. He didn't handle throw up, very well..either.

But maybe things had changed with Nan. She hoped. She heard the toddler awake. Jai probably woke her. She went to get Nan. Suddenly, all that baby-ness Rox held in her arms made her smile sweetly. She couldn't help it. She wanted a baby girl. It hurt to think of the chances of having one with Kyle. She knew it wouldn't be easy, but still she wanted one.


Gianella Peralta said...

It feels different when a baby is around. All of a sudden, everyone acts cute. Haha!

Ewelina said...

I like this.

meg said...

Its great seeing them together as family and good friends.

Cafe Fashionista said...

It's nice to see such a happy change amongst all of them! :)

mazzy may said...

Aw, sweet moment for them.

Sara said...

Sounds like the wedding was great, and it's good to see them all getting along :)

Brooke said...

I feel for Rox. I know it must be hard, about wanting a baby.

FWB said...

Wow. Jazmin is something. So is Jai.

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

Let's hope that he steps up once the baby comes!!!

Tarah and the City said...

What a sweet wedding. It puts love in the air.
Tarah and the City

Tarah and the City said...

What a sweet wedding. It puts love in the air.
Tarah and the City

Tarah and the City said...

What a sweet wedding. It puts love in the air.
Tarah and the City

Chris Ed said...

hi Ellie, thank you so much for following:)
I love this one!

xx chris