Monday, July 23, 2012

just when I need you most

"You are babying him, far too much." Aidan had to say. He couldn't keep it to himself, any longer. Audrey and Henry were inseparable, lately. True, they did work together. And they came to the barbecue place for lunch everyday, but it was all so giddy. What was really happening?

"That's not fair." Audrey didn't like what he was getting at, but she folded more towels while he separated her undies from his in the laundry.

"Don't say it." Aidan glared at her. "I'm not jealous. I'm not. Its just, can not...I dunno." He shook his head.

She grabbed his cheek, practically his mouth and gave it a squeeze. "My poor little baby, is jealous." She puckered up to tease him.

"That's not it." He winced, and pulled away.

"Fine." She glared at him as if he was just being difficult, and she didn't have time for difficult. She snatched her bikini briefs from him. "You don't trust me? Is that it? Afraid I'll ruin that precious little brother of yours. I'll swipe his virginity or something." She loaded her clothes in the spare laundry basket, ready to go back to her little over the garage place that she called home, that wasn't even fifty feet from Aidan's window.

"I'm sorry. Don't go." He hadn't meant to make her mad. "Its just, you have to let him suffer, a little, you know, his breakup. OK." He looked at her wide-eyed. Thinking no one was there when Elaine left him. He was all on his own.

She finally put down the laundry basket. He was glad she was here. And they were friends. Still. After all this time. But a part of him wanted to change that.  But had she really changed? Was this the girl he remembered his Freshman year at college? Did he really want to start up anything with her? Could he?

He took her hand. She only watched. Honestly, he didn't want to see her with anyone else. Maybe, his brother. They were.. after all co-workers. Aidan pulled her into him. He hugged her close. Home just wouldn't be home without Audrey.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Such a complicated situation! :/

MOSAMUSE said... never dies!

Sara said...

AW! I hope he is going to tell her how he feels soon :)

lucy and sarah said...

I hope it works out.

ivy's closet said...

Maybe she needs to much he cares.

Chris Ed said...

I feel sorry for him.