Tuesday, August 14, 2012

just to let you know

Too many people were in this house, or so Shan decided quick enough. His step-mom was nagging him about his nasty habit, smoking cigarettes. He needed something to take the edge off. Of course, the good stuff was at the bottom of his sock drawer. It felt like ancient times since he'd had a good time with himself. There wasn't the lake, to get away too.

Perhaps he was the selfish sort. He didn't partake at parties. Even Lily didn't know about the pot. But she nagged him about smoking too. However, he did know how to make a cigarette last. He'd take a few puffs, put it out and keep it, until he was in dire need of another puff or two. And he was at the point of thinking, he really needed another smoke.

He guessed, his step-mom would be mad about him - not wearing underwear, either. Hopefully, she wouldn't make a big issue of it. His Mom knew this about him early on and accepted that fact. But here, well, everything seemed to be an issue. No computer games. The phone was only used for phone calls. Important ones, at that. And of course, no computer. Thus, no World of Warcraft. He was lucky he got the library card, which he hadn't exactly told them about. Maybe he'd manage to live at the library. Make sure he didn't have any over-dues. And there was that guy.

God, if he hadn't walked into a women's restroom just to avoid him. Suddenly, his stomach flipped. He wanted to be immune to this sort of thing. He was very well satisfied with himself, back at his old school. There was just Lily to contend with, and she liked girls. Not that they ever spoke of it. Nor did she ever bring up his taste in anything, but she liked having him around, for some strange reason. Perhaps, it was his car, which he didn't even have anymore. Moving in with his Dad's new family was like taking a step back, instead of a step forward.

And now his step-mom wanted him to take out the trash.

He grabbed the plastic bag, and went straight for the front door.

"You're going out like that?" She complained.

He looked down at his cut-offs. "Yeah." He drug the trash down the hallway. He guessed that was OK. He opened the front door as it rang.

Shan stared at Henry on the porch. Any other time, he probably would have froze. But not today. It was as if Henry was his get-away. He needed to think fast.

"Its for me." He shouted back at his step-mom before she could see. Shan shut the door behind him. "Hey." Shannon smiled as if Henry were a fresh breath of air.

"Oh, I hope..you don't mind..if.." Henry was staring at  Shan's toes to avoid his bare chest.

"No, not at all." He kept dragging the trash out to the curb, where he left it. "Where do you live, again?"

Henry pointed to the two story house with the detached garage. Shan only nodded.

"Shannon, I just thought, you know, since you're new..I could.... maybe show you around." Henry finally sighed.

"Why not." Shan shrugged. "Its just Shan, though."

"Shan." Henry looked at him wide eyed.

"So, did you have anything in mind, right now?" Shannon hadn't meant to put him on the spot, but he didn't really feel like going back inside, either. There was the step-mom to deal with who'd be a snoop, and the basement was a mess. He hadn't cleaned it up, like he said he would. He was sure if he went back in to get his shoes, she'd say he couldn't go out, because of his room.

"Oh, well.."

"You haven't thought this through, have you?" Shan grinned as if Henry could lead the way.

"Not..really." Henry told him.

"That's kind of the way I like it, actually." Shan supposed he didn't have much. A couple of dollars in his wallet.

"You don't have your shoes." Henry was looking at his feet.

"I don't really like shoes." Shan shrugged.

"What about a shirt?"

"I really hate wearing those too." Shan admitted. "But if we're going by your house, maybe I could borrow something. If you know, if it bothers you..me not having shirt and shoes."

"Well.." Henry looked a bit baffled. "Did you want ..want to take a drive?"

"Of course." Shan was congenial enough. "You know, since, you, want to show me around, and all. But a walk would be cool, too." Really, Shan was happy to get out of the house.


Paulina said...

Great pics:)

Cafe Fashionista said...

I love Shan's carefree nature - he's awesome. :)

Chris Ed said...

That´s cool that these two are doing something together:D Funny that Shan don´t like shoes.

ivy's closet said...

Shan is something. Good thing his step-mom sort of got him out of the house.

mazzy may said...

I'm looking forward to see where this goes.

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lucy and sarah said...

He's like a wild boy..or something.

blue hearts said...

This is definitely some interesting happening.

MOSAMUSE said...

lets see what happens next with Shan...!