Monday, August 13, 2012

When the time comes

Rox gave up on expecting anything from her mother, after the wedding fiasco. Except, she showed up when Jazmin had her baby.

Rox always thought of her mom as some sort of old movie star type. She knew her mother liked hearing those words. Yet, Rox wouldn't dare compare her to Holllywood's finest. Her mother looked frail and not at all herself. Older, perhaps. Her chain smoking days got the best of her. She remembered how her mother used to be.

But Tyra didn't know. And Rox suspected her mother stayed away from the wedding, hoping she wouldn't have to explain herself to Tyra. No, all attention was on Jazmin's baby girl.

Suddenly, her mother was a queen of some kind. She dressed so uptown, gold chains and rings. Evidently, she was living well. Perhaps she'd met the man of her dreams, after all these years. Everything was hugs and kisses.

She made over Jared, too. As if she'd never met him.

"Mom? You, haven't met Kyle yet." Rox cornered her finally, when she was done cooing over the baby and trying to say sweet things about how Tyra turned out.

Kyle made a point of getting to the hospital when Rox called him. As it was, she wasn't sure when she'd ever see her mother, again. Now, no one would never know of her Mom's drug problems, nor depression. It was as if the stars were aligned. But Rox didn't expect things like that to last with her mother for very long. Yes, she had to admit she was the first that had little faith in her mother. But this was a good moment and Rox wanted to be genuinely good.

Kyle brought Jai and Rosie too. Jai was all talk about his new baby sister. All he could think about was being in his Dad's arms. Immediately, Jared went to take him to see the baby in the nursery. Rosie went with them.

"Kyle." Naturally, her mother was all smiles. Rox kept smiling. It was as if everything was finally coming together. Her mother was finally growing up.

"Well, don't expect the world." Jazmin told her later when it was just the two of them with the baby. "You, won't ever get a dime out of her. God knows, I've tried."

"Lets not go there." Rox asked about the baby wondering if they'd thought up a name. It wasn't money she wanted from her mother.

Would they try to find something that went with Jaredn's other daughter, Nan? As it was Rox was keeping keeping the toddler during Jazmin's hospital stay. Kyle was holding her at the moment.

"No, of course not." Jazmin told her she hated the name Nan. "That sounds like a dog's name." Jazmin looked at her as if she was in control of the situation. But Rox wasn't so sure. She knew Jared, usually got his way. But at the moment, he was making nice with their mother. "We are naming her Addison."


Chris Ed said...

The mother description is very interesting and Addison is a cool name.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Awesome name choice! :)

Sara said...

Wow, the mother is..intersting. I am curious to see if she will stay around.

Winnie said...

Addison, cute name!

ivy's closet said...

I'm glad they have their Mom figured out. They will probably be even better Moms. I hope anyway.

Melissa Blake said...

You're such an awesome writer! Keep it up!

lucy and sarah said...

Rox has not had it easy. I hope she knows what a wonderful family she has of her own.

MOSAMUSE said...

i like how she went from chain smoker to uptown girl with chains. I like all the names you have for your characters!!

The Golden Girls said...

Love the name!!!!! Nice blog too :) Check us out for some Cali love! xx,The Golden Girls

caitlin and megan said...

Oh, it would be difficult to have your sister married to your ex...Rox has a very complicated life. I love it!