Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My universe will never be the same

Henry was for a loss of words as he gazed back at Shan. He almost stumped his sneaker and faltered, but Shan grabbed his arm to keep him steady. Yet Henry still felt he might be falling.

"Easy there." Shan's lips curved so, on the ends that maybe it was a smile. Maybe. Before, Henry knew it they were inside his house alone. He ran up the stairs expecting Shan to follow, but he stayed put at the door. So Henry ransacked his place for something. A shirt? Tee-shirt? What if he meant pants too? Henry could hardly think.

"Anything. Anything will do, you know." Shan shouted from downstairs.

"OK." Henry nodded wondering what was he going to do. No, he had not thought this far ahead. It was as if Shan might be miles ahead of him. But then if he really was, he'd be right here in his room, and he wasn't. No, this was good. Just hanging out.

Henry had to remember to breathe. They were hanging out. They hadn't been that close. But it felt like it. Instantly. How could he make the most of now?

Finally, he brought down a nameless black Tee and some flip flops. Things he didn't really wear.

Shan slipped the Tee over his head.

Henry couldn't help but smile. They could wear the same clothes.

"Thanks." Shan's smile was genuine.

Henry supposed they could see the usual places, but Shan knew where the school and the library were. It was going on supper time. Maybe they could swing by where his brother worked. Not that he wanted Aidan to meet him, exactly...yet.

Soon enough they had paper plates of ribs and potato salad and beans on the side.

"I love ribs." Shan looked as if Christmas was waiting for him to devour. And he did. Henry could only watch him eat. It was a beautiful thing. Henry sipped his sweet tea and enjoyed the show.

"My step-mom is vegetarian." He let slip after he licked his fingers. "I don't think I can get used to it."

Henry only nodded.

"So many things I need to do, you know." Shan seemed oblivious to Henry's gawking. "I gotta find a job. I have to do something. But it doesn't  help that my Dad won't let me have my car. He's so weird. Its like they keep thinking I'm a pitbull that might turn on them, any second."

"Why would they think that?" Henry picked at his potato salad.

"I dunno." He rolled his eyes. "I was kind of truant last year, at school. I got in trouble for sneaking back in to the school. All I did was to go home to take a dump. Cause, you know, who wants to do something like that at school? I don't do school restrooms. They're nasty." Of course, the oil from the meat around his lips was a tad funny.

A laugh caught in Henry's throat.

"That was all you did?" Henry got up the nerve to ask.

"Yeah, that was all I did." Shan looked up from his rib with a nod. Henry wasn't so sure he believed him. Henry could see so many things in Shan. Maybe a caveman, or a Samurai boy. Something in the way he moved, Henry couldn't explain it.

No, Shan was certainly not perfect. He smoked on a cigarette he took from his pocket after they were done, outside.

"You don't smoke, do you?" Shan's eyes winced all sexy as he blew smoke to the sky. Henry shook his head, no.

"Good for you. You are definitely a lot stronger than me." He put out the heat of it, after a puff or two. Then slid the cigarette back into the box with the others.

It all ended so soon. They were back at Henry's. Shan pulled off the shirt over his head, there in the car.

"Better give this back to you, before I forget." He was so casual. Even Henry wasn't sure if Shan knew how casual he could be. "Thanks. Thanks for letting me escape my house arrest for a bit. I'm sure I'll get yelled at, but with ribs like that....It was  well.. worth it."

Henry couldn't help but grin as he stared at the clothes between them. Shan opened the cardoor.

"Uh, maybe..maybe I know, help you fill out some applications, or something. If..if you want." Henry wanted to see him again.

"Yeah, sure." Shan smiled, Henry caught a glimpse of his armpit. He really wasn't a hairy beast. Suddenly, Henry felt as if maybe he'd been completely wrong about Shan. He was probably straight, or maybe a wild Indian.

Henry nodded. A little sad. Shan slammed the door shut and walked away. Henry couldn't help but grab the Tee and take a whiff of Shan's scent, like a wild fire on the praire.

"Oh, did I say thank you?" Shan showed up on the driver's side like magic. Leaning so that maybe Henry caught a glimpse of Shan in his low riding cut-offs. "I forget sometimes. But I had a great time. In fact, can't remember a time I had a great time."

"Yeah, well..maybe I'll see you tomorrow." Henry wasn't sure if they were exactly talking in code. He guessed not.

"Yeah, cool. Maybe I'll see you at the library." His thick hair fell around his face. "We could meet up there. I promise, I'll wear shoes. My own clothes." His smile was sly. "I didn't mess up your shirt, did I?"

"No." Henry shook his head. He was definitely not washing it. He wanted to hang on to Shan's scent.

"I swear, I spilled some barbecue sauce on it. Hope it comes out." Shan let go of the car. His thumbs in his belt loops hitching his cut-offs, before they slid down anymore on his long waist. "OK, better go. I'm sure I'm in trouble. I usually am."

"See you, tomorrow." Henry gave a slight wave as Shan was on his way. Henry gritted a smile. He was sure of it now. He did have a thing for bad boys.


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