Sunday, August 26, 2012

one foot in front of the other

In another world, Josie could see herself leaving the baby in Asa's hands and she'd move out and be with Ian. But that was just a dream. After all, Ian had spent a good portion of his time the last week or so, staying at Eric's. She hoped he was back for good now.

Ian was carrying the baby carrier for her. She couldn't wait to get down to the coffee shop. No way, was she going to be on bed rest forever.

"I can come back, right?" She wanted to know as soon as Willow saw baby Dylan who was sleeping like a little lamb. He smelled sweet of baby powder, but that could change at a moment's notice. He was definitely a guy, farts and all. But she wouldn't dwell on this sort of information with Willow. Hopefully, Dylan wouldn't decide to fill his pamper with poo, but she wasn't betting on him to be an angel on this little visit.

"I guess, but you need a few more weeks off. And then..what about school?" Willow brought up questions that Josie didn't really feel like answering. Immediately, she saw her replacement behind the counter.

"Who's that?" Josie wanted to know, as if no way was there a new person taking her place at the coffee shop.

"That's Dorian." Willow told her.

"Why does that sound familiar?" She winced then. Of course, Ian whispered her the info she needed to know, Derrick's boyfriend. "Huh? He doesn't look like a real football player." She squinted more, thinking he should be big and bulky. This guy was thin and kind of sad looking.

"He's a kicker." Ian explained, but that didn't mean much to her, either. Anyway, Dorian graduated and he was going to the University according to Willow, the perfect fit.

"I see." She wondered if Derrick even knew Dorian worked here. He never mentioned him. She wasn't sure if she should say anything to Dorian. Of course, Willow took care of that.

"Come over and see the baby." Willow motioned for Dorian to come over. She introduced them. About then, Dylan let out a yawn and his big dark eyes looked up at Dorian, ever so Derrick like.

"Can I get some de-caff?" She didn't really want Dorian to watch the baby too carefully.

"Sure." Dorian was pleasant enough as he went to get it.

"It might be a while before I come back." Josie sighed. She hated feeling in limbo, but it was definitely baby steps. She smiled then. Baby steps with a baby.

Honestly, she didn't resent Dylan in the least. It was as if he already knew who she was. And like a magnet, she couldn't stay very far from him.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I hope Josie's point-of-view changes - the baby needs her. :/

meg said...

I'm glad she didn't get harsh with Dorian.

HailesHeartsFashion said...

Really great post. I love the little journey Josie goes through within it. The way it starts, the reader gets the feeling that she wants (or desperate...) to escape her baby and you maybe wonder if she resents and blames him. However, by the end, you know she loves Dylan and it is simply the situation she resents and is angry about. There bond is totally secure.


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HailesHeartsFashion said...

their* :L

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Chris Ed said...

That´s not so good thinking of leaving the baby in Asa's hands...I hope she can change her way of thinking.
wish you lovely week:)

Ewelina said...

new header is amazing <3

mazzy may said...

Such a difficult situation. But I like Josie.

MOSAMUSE said...

josie is evolving! i like the blue!!