Tuesday, September 25, 2012

a change or two

Traveling light

Josie was feeling less in limbo lately, without Dylan. She didn't stay constantly with him. She felt OK when he was with her mother or with Asa. Still, she did her best not to let it show, but she really didn't want Derrick alone with the baby. Of course, she hadn't admitted this to anyone. She knew it wasn't fair to be that way to Derrick. However, the threat was there, something awful might happen if it were only Derrick with the baby. A gut feeling in fact, but she tried her best not to act on it. She was thankful to be a part of Dylan's life at the moment, and she didn't want to take any chances in wrecking it. As it was, even now when she was on the drive to the airport with Ian, she had to text Asa at least once to ask what Dylan was doing.

There were texts from Willow. They kept coming. So many about how she'd never had a real BFF. Willow told her she was much better friend to her than Lynsey ever was, and how she wished Josie was in the wedding.

"God, I hope they make up," She said as Ian was driving into the parking garage of the airport to pick up Jonah and Jules' sister and mother. "How could Lynsey make her so mad? Right before Willow's wedding day?"

"Are you in the wedding now?" Ian asked. After all, he was Jules' best man. Oliver wasn't available due to Kayla on bed-rest.

"No, I hope not." Josie didn't want to be seen in a bridesmaid dress. She was wearing black tomorrow, hopefully, that wasn't too weird. She hadn't exactly bounced back into her before baby wardrobe.

"Come on," Ian smiled as they got out and walked to where they would wait for the airplane's arrival. "You know, you want to." He held her hand.

"Lynsey, just needs to grow up." Josie rolled her eyes. They went to the waiting area. She sighed then. "Do I even know what Jonah looks like? Will they know you? Should we have made a sign, or something?" Suddenly, she felt the need to be a good host. Maybe that's what Lynsey was missing with Willow. Lynsey was taking Willow for granted. If only she could text Lynsey this, Josie knew it was time to stay out of it.

"I'll know Jules' mum. She knows me." Ian told Josie.

She'd forgotten Ian knew Jules and his family.

"What about his sister?" She slightly winced wondering if she were an old friend too.

"That, I haven't a clue." Ian told her how Hayley grew up with her Dad and it wasn't until recently that Jules had seen her. "Its been years. But, hey, its working out." He smiled at her as if there was always hope that things would be normal in Josie's family too.

It wasn't long until Ian waved and a woman with two young people made their way to him.

Jules' mother hugged him as if Ian was one of her own. Hayley was all smiles too, but Jonah was even lipped and ready to get home.

"We need to take pictures." Hayley said right away. "I'll let you take pictures of me and my new American friends."  She handed Jonah the phone as if he would do as she asked.

Josie thought it was funny how she bossed Jonah around, and he didn't fuss, even if he looked as if he would.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I do hope they can patch things up in their friendship before it's too late. :(

Sara said...

Very awkward all around!

ivy's closet said...

I'm glad Josie met Hayley.

lucy and sarah said...

Weddings can bring out the worst and the best.

caitlin and megan said...

Things are starting to get set for the wedding.