Wednesday, September 26, 2012

up up and away

"So, what happened exactly to your old place?" Dorian didn't mean to be so curious, but here they were waiting for an airplane that was late. Dorian suddenly wondered what Luc was going to do with his old apartment.

"You know, its not mine." Luc shrugged. "I paid for one more month and after that, its Leia's problem." Luc reminded him that the place was in her name. Except, he didn't know where Leia was. She'd cut him off, after she went back to Gia's father.

"So that's why you and Lynsey haven't ..exactly..." Dorian didn't know how to say it. "Hit it off. She's friends with Leia?"

"Among a few other things." Luc shrugged. His smile was a little sly. "Lynsey's very high maintenance, if  you haven't noticed. Lets hope this Ruben knows what he's in for."

Dorian nodded as if he understood. He supposed this fellow was like royalty. Of course, neither one of them knew what Ruben looked like. Dorian held on to a last minute sign that blankly said LYNSEY'S FRIENDS.

"So, you never thought about hooking up with her?" Dorian didn't think Lynsey was giving up on the idea. She did flirt with Luc, but maybe Luc was too dense to notice.

"Nope." Luc yawned then as if he didn't really want to talk about Lynsey. They talked about Willow's wedding. They were last minute ushers. They'd already had their tux fitting. "Who knows, who you might meet at this wedding." Luc stretched his arms out as if this wedding couldn't come soon enough.

"I dunno. I haven't really been to many weddings." Dorian winced as if he were indifferent about them. Honestly, he'd never really thought about getting married. Ever. He felt a bit guilty about it, as if he were missing something. Perhaps, he hadn't met that one person to make him think it could actually happen.

Of course, their was Derrick, but that wasn't exactly anything. At the moment, he felt as if his love life was very blank. He hated this feeling of being lost. Hopefully, no one knew. He did his best to be the friend Luc needed. And maybe he was just as close to Willow. Maybe this was where he needed to be in his life.

Just then, someone who looked to be something out of a fashion magazine strolled down the hallway where the arrivals were coming from. Dorian couldn't help but stare. The looker definitely had a style that only Dorian could wish for. As this Ruben came closer, he smelled of smoke and a spicy cologne.

Dorian was speechless. In fact, he thought he might fall on Ruben if he were any closer. He let Luc do all the talking.
Lynsey's date


ivy's closet said...

I like that Dorian and Luc have these conversations.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ruben sounds glam! :)

lucy and sarah said...

So exciting. Ruben must be amazing!

Sara said...

He sounds very posh! lol, love it!

Chris Ed said...

Dorian is really curious,I like the talk between Dorian and Luc.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy. Gotta wonder what's next.

meg said...

Oh, boy..wonder whre this will go???

Cait said...

I think I'd be happy to see him too!