Thursday, September 27, 2012

its a mad world

Jules' things

This wasn't just Jules' big day. Someone else was tying the knot too.

Jules' looked at Gilly's text wide eyed. Immediately, he called, even if it were about 15 minutes before his own ceremony.

"Are you shit'n me?" He wanted to know immediately. Possibly, it was just a joke. Finally, after all this time, Gilly got a sense of humor. Only, it didn't sit so well with Jules. What about Jonah? Honestly, he was counting on Gilly to look after him.

"I would not shit you." Even in Gilly's voice, Jules sensed he was beaming.

"What do you mean? Who is it?" Jules couldn't think of anyone Gilly would have relations with, on the side. It would be impossible. Had Collette wormed her way back in to his life somehow, just to get her hands on Tristan?

"Jules, please, you can't be mad, about it?" Gilly sighed. "Fiona's been engaged twice, you know. And..and I couldn't let her down. I wouldn't. She's one of my oldest friends. You know, we go way back."

Jules nodded. He remembered her well, and they were outcasts. Gilly, honestly was nice to the girl that everyone else looked at a little funny because of her arm and its missing hand.

"But..but what about Jonah?" Jules winced. He didn't want to see him hurt. Wasn't Jonah in love with him, or the closest thing to love?

"I'm still here, for him. Fiona, too. Its not like we're going anywhere." Gilly told him even if they'd made a quick trip to the sea shore and had a very sweet time on the boardwalk. "Besides, Jonah's met some one. And I think he likes her very much."

"Now, you're shit'n me."  Jules rolled his eyes. He looked at the time. He couldn't waste more on the phone with Gilly. "No way, Jonah could even like a lass, nor what to even do with one."

"Oh, she knows what she's doing." He heard Gilly's laugh.

"So, you know this for a fact?" Jules wished Gilly would have told him this last week, or even a month ago. "Who is she?"

"Its your little sister," Gilly said. "In fact, he's quite mad."

"Mad?" Jules' face tensed. Some one came knocking on  Jules' door. It was time to go.

"You should ask her." Gilly told him.

When he opened the door there was Jonah. Jules eyeballed him. He had to go, but he really needed to have a conversation with Jonah. He guessed he needed to get through the wedding first.


Street Fashion Paris said...

Love your work more and more!!!xxx

Gianella Peralta said...

One step at a time, Jules..

Cafe Fashionista said...

Jules and Gilly are quite the characters. :P

meg said...

Loved their conversation. Just adds some fun suspense to the day.

ivy's closet said...

Oh, that was some talk.

lucy and sarah said...

Sometimes, I like knowing where Jules came from..and that he's still really good friends with old ones and cares about Willow's brother too.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the wedding.

Bex said...

Oh what a day! I love their conversation.

Simon and Josh said...

Oh wow, interesting happenings.

Scarlett and Eva said...

This can really put one in a tight spot. For sure. Especially, on their wedding day!

nancy said...

I love that you do a mood board with all your posts :) keep up the writing!

MOSAMUSE said...

:) really nice post. love their interaction

Chris Ed said...

Really interesting talk!
happy friday:)

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gosh hes so beautiful! great post! xx