Friday, September 28, 2012

its time

Jonah felt like a bump on a log. He got the impression that Jules knew something. Possibly, about Hayley and him.

Jonah had this long monologue planned about Hayley. How he'd never hurt her. He'd do what ever he could for her welfare, and he respected her. Jules would have nothing to worry about.

But he didn't say that, since the wedding was starting, and he was Jules' best man along with Ian. It was time to get the show on the road. After all, it was muggy out. Maybe a storm brewing. This was strange for September.

They walked out together and met Ian. They were all in white. It was definitely a white wedding. A white tent. Maybe too much white for Jonah's taste, but he would not mention it. It was good to keep his mouth shut.

There was a crowd waiting. They stood up as the music started and the procession began.

Jonah was excited, yet so calm. He noticed Hayley's smile. He was certain it was for him, but not Jules. Only, he would keep it as their little secret. Seriously, he didn't know why he liked her so much.

At first, it bothered him that he must have liked her because of Jules. She did remind him of Jules, but not for long. She was definitely her own person. And she liked to challenge him. She had a certain laugh too. It was perhaps silly, but not really.

She made him smile, even when he didn't want to. Yes, he felt like an idiot around her, but she didn't seem to mind. When they'd gone to the movie together that first time, it was all so unexpected. She kissed him, and it was fun. He was letting himself have fun. And it was with Hayley.

Still, he wanted to be cautious. He wanted it to be special. But it would have to be slow. Very slow. Actually, he'd never moved quick on many things in his life. They would definitely have to be friends. And maybe if he were lucky, she'd wait for him. He knew he'd wait for her.


Street Fashion Paris said...

More! More!More!xx

meg said...

Its kind of he can only think of Hayley. Not once does he have a thought about his sister. And its her wedding.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Friendship is always a great basis for romance. :)

ivy's closet said...

Oh, that Jonah. He just can't help but be the way he is.

lucy and sarah said...

Well, looks like he's got a lot of feelings for someone.