Saturday, September 29, 2012

you've got that one thing

Willow would be the first to admit it, yet..she hoped she wouldn't have too. She'd been rather silly about this whole wedding thing. Yes, she'd been irrational. Her mother thought for sure she was pregnant. Of course, this still disgusted her the most.

"I'm much more organized than that." Willow informed her well before the day of the wedding. She was on the pill after all. And she'd planned accordingly.

No, this was about friends. Her friendships. She thought she certainly had earned her circle of friends, but they were nothing like they seemed. She knew now. She'd have to accept it.

And there was Jules. So what, if her mom didn't really think he was marriage material. It didn't matter. He looked so handsome. And she felt beautiful in her strapless white gown. It was their day and no one would ruin it. Not Lynsey with her fancy Italian, who wasn't even Italian by the way. He was only there for a modeling gig. And even if Jonah looked suspicious of something, she would not dwell on it. After all, she was not his keeper.

And then it was done. Words were spoken. So were the I DOs. Then came the words HUSBAND AND WIFE. Although when she looked back at her mother, she wondered if her mother really believed it. Willow kept smiling. Maybe, she couldn't believe it herself. She felt ecstatic, and she could feel Jules' energy too.

Soon came the music, and then the rain. It all had to be moved inside. Of course, there was room even if her mom wasn't so happy about it.

"You, really have changed him." Jules' mother took her hand. "For the better."

Willow didn't take any credit. It was something Jules did on his own. Why did everyone have to believe it was luck or some kind of magic? No, it was hard work. He'd done it not just for her, but for himself. She did believe  in him. Why was that so hard?

But she didn't have time to dwell. Jules swept her off her feet. After all, it was just the beginning.
Willow's things

 I got bitten by the blog bug!
A huge thanks to NG who has an amazing blog!

1) When and Why did you start blogging? It was a while ago. On a Sunday, March 30, 2008. I wanted to do something different. The first character I started with was Ellie. It was going to be about a girl in high school who might be in love with a childhood friend, Kyle. Yet, it felt over time, readers shifted. They were more grownup. I fast forward. Both grew up, extremely fast. I had no idea at the time, how important I'd make family. Although, I'm sure this story has more soap qualities than anything. Yet, it was an outlet for writing and thinking of actors I'd like to see in something together. Hopefully, a way to hone in on writing skills, one scene at a time. And I still try to keep some of my original characters in the story. As of recently, Luc's ex is Ellie's best friend from high school Leia.

2) What do you love to blog about and why do you like it? I do like writing about situations that do happen around me. Sometimes, I wonder how things could be. Of course, that doesn't mean life would be perfect. I do have to weigh in just how explicit I can and shouldn't be. Naturally, some of these stories might offend some to a certain degree. Yet, I feel a need to bring attention some stories. Although, some characters are more wild and quirky than others.

3) How did you get your blog name? Honestly, I didn't want Ellie to be about one character. As you can see, I have possibly way too many characters to write about, yet I wanted them to be connected. Possibly.

 4) What do you think is your best post yet? It changes from time to time. Last year, I killed off a character. Amanda. This is something I'd never done before. I'm not sure it was my favorite post. I really don't think I create villains. Instead, complicated characters.I do enjoy scenes where characters do find each other. So, I'm possibly a romantic at heart. Yet..I do want there to be a real world aspect of it, too. How friends and family react. While I might enjoy writing about Henry, he might not be readers favorites. I try not to be selfish. Of course, I doubt they care. It is a challenge to move on with a story. Hopefully, to make characters wiser and pull in perhaps problems that we deal with from time to time.

5) What is your inspiration for blogging at present? If you've read this long enough, you can see I've changed certain faces. Some, because I think characters have matured. Plus I get inspiration from what movies and TV around me. Also, sometimes, I can't find any new pictures of these actors. Of course, its always fun to see an actor in something and think...they could be someone's long lost brother in my story, or wouldn't it be great if Max met her? So yes, the story continues with breakups, hookups and maybe even makeups of different characters.

6) Message for your readers- I am so thankful for all of my readers. I do enjoy the feedback, naturally. I do find inspiration through them. Of course, you might think I'm mental. I have posted a bit on a writer's site. Yet, I enjoy the feedback from the readers here, more. It can be quite stressful among other writers who pick your stuff apart. Of course, I'm not sure I'm that much of a writer. Yet, I do enjoy telling a story. I just can't help it.


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