Wednesday, November 7, 2012

rejamming the jam

Rox was in a bit of a fix. Perhaps she was just trying to do too much on a day when the kids were under the weather. It wasn't even the flu. Just a cold with a low grade fever.

But she knew Jai wasn't feeling well. All he wanted to do was lounge around watching CARS on DVD. Rosie wasn't much better. They were in their PJs parked in front of the TV with the coloring books. They'd played out on the games on their Kindle Fire. So all was quiet.

Plenty of time to work on the science experiment in the kitchen. Kyle's mother, Joan walked her through the recipe. It seemed her peach jam was too watery. So now there were sticky jars ready to wash in the dishwasher and fresh ones waiting for the the bubbling jam in the pot to be ready with more pectin in it.

Rox didn't know she could do this, but her mother-in-law said it was perfectly fine. Rox was trying to finish up the peaches she'd frozen to make room for Thanksgiving frozen items, yet to be bought. This was suppose to make nice Christmas presents from the kitchen. Although, Rox doubted she could give Jazmin any of this while her little sister Tyra would be pleased to have something homemade.

Now, it was just the waiting game. Hopefully there would be no interruptions, but as luck would have it..there were.

Derrick was at the front door with a girl, who was wearing his oversized hoodie. She was shivering in her denim leggings and thin Tee-shirt. Rox thought she should know her, from somewhere.

Rox was in a sweat just in her tank and lounge pants. She definitely wasn't expecting company. She didn't even know there was a chill in the air until she opened the door. It looked like rain..maybe even snow.

 Derrick was his friendly self. Rox wondered if Derrick was trying to sale something. He pushed Daisy in, ahead of him as if he was only stopping by for a drink of water or perhaps he needed a jack to change a tire.

"Its getting really cold out there. Maybe winter is finally here." Still all grins.

"Well, it is November." Rox remained straight lipped as the kids had to hug him as if he were their favorite.

"Um," Derrick finally got to the clincher, after a round of friendly talk with Rosie then Jai. "I hate to ask you this." He sighed as he managed his way to the kitchen while Rox went back to her jam on the stove. "But, could we crash here?"

His question stung her as she looked at him wide-eyed.

"Why?" She wanted to know automatically. "Are the cops after you?" She tried to laugh, yet she was serious.

"Haha..very funny Rox." Derrick faked a laugh. "No, its..nothing like that."

Rox looked over at the crockpot. She'd forgotten she did have a pot roast going. She guessed they could stay for dinner.

"Its just..Daisy's a little under the weather. And you know, it would just be weird, going to my brother's. I mean, I feel like I should stay with her." He shrugged.

"I thought..she was Max's girlfriend?" Rox winced wondering when Derrick had gotten so chummy with Max's girlfriend. "Is Max OK?"

"Max is..fine."  Derrick shrugged.

Rox sighed, evidently Daisy was Derrick's problem. Rox wondered what Kyle would think. "How long are we talking about?" She grabbed her cell wanting to talk to Kyle about this situation, immediately.


Cafe Fashionista said...

What a strange sitch for Rox. :/

Sara said...

She is such a sweetheart for taking them all in :)

ivy's closet said...

That would be so hard know what to do with Derrick.

lucy and sarah said...

So interesting. This development.

MOSAMUSE said... is a very interesting development. lets see what happens..

caitlin and megan said...

gotta wonder how Derrick will handle this.