Tuesday, November 6, 2012

We can make it all work

"Have you heard anything from Daisy?" Lola cornered Josie in the commons at School. She knew Josie was in a hurry to get out of there. She was on her way to her afternoon shift at the Campus coffee shop.

"Why would I hear from Daisy?" Josie stared at Lola as if she were the last to know anything these days.

"I dunno." Lola shrugged carrying her load of books. Soon enough they met up with Ian. "I thought..maybe.."

"You, are her best friend." Josie shrugged.

"First I heard about it." Lola was still uncertain about the friend factor. Yes, she liked going places with Daisy. It was just lately, Daisy was more distant.

"She hangs with that new crowd." Josie reminded her. "The people she works with at the movie theater. They're a bunch of potheads. Except, Henry's boyfriend. Really, do you want to go to a movie, knowing the whole staff wouldn't know what to do if it caught on fire? They'd probably just laugh." She went on to say how someone acted at the concession stand, the last time Ian and she went to a movie. "They are such idiots."

Lola looked to Ian who shrugged as if she should let it go. As of late, Josie jumped on her soap box about the littlest of things. No one knew what she might really be mad about. Even now, this anger might be an excuse for something else.

Lola gave back a weak smile.

"I just hope she hasn't done anything..she'll regret." Lola hoped things went back to normal soon. As it was, it wasn't even normal at home now. That Quinn, her brother was seeing was over all the time. Quinn even had her brother and Liam going to church. She was sure if she told Quinn about Daisy, they'd be in prayer group right now.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm with Lola...fingers crossed. :/

Sara said...

I am glad she is concerned for Daisy!

Anonymous said...

I think we've all been there when a friend has just left us hanging.

Natasha Gregson said...

I hope Josie's ok :( She needs to relax a little!!



Mimi said...

i agree with natasha, it would help if josie relaxes even just a bit.

<3, Mimi
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MOSAMUSE said...

josie is a bit over the top!