Monday, February 11, 2013


This might be the worst Valentines Day ever.

At least, Henry thought so.

They'd had a fight. He was on the outs with Shan. Sort of.

 Not a knock down fist fight of some kind. Just words. Still Henry guessed the pain wasn't much different. He just couldn't help himself. Especially, when he found out Shan was at Cedric's. He couldn't help but imagine the worst. So he'd said his rant and now he couldn't bare to even go to Aidan and Audrey's justice of the peace wedding.

He'd said a few words about that too. Which got him in hot water.With his father, of all people.

1. Control your language.
2. Maybe I'm not the nice guy everyone thinks I am.
3. Just because things aren't perfect with  Shan and me doesn't mean I can come down hard on Aidan.

He stared at his journal which was basically a book calender that he jotted little milestones in.

Now he was grounded. His cell was taken away. And he had no idea about his relationship with Shan because Shan shut down on him. He told him nothing.

Henry certainly hated the silent treatment. He was a verbal guy. Always so animated. People liked him, and he wanted everyone to like him. But Shan seeing Cedric threatened him and yes, he supposed he'd gone off the deep end.

Everything had been so perfect with Shan. Deep down Henry imagined being with Shan forever. He still wanted that.

It was just strange now that his Dad was doing this to him. When had he ever disciplined him? He was always away on business trips.

There was a time he imagined his Dad living in a nursing home, dying and his Mom visiting every day. It was just, they never saw him. And now suddenly, his father had been let go from his white collar job. Early retirement. Now his Dad was here, in Henry's business, everyday.

Of course, his throat was raw. Screaming, how much he hated his Dad. Yes, he'd been a little childish, but he was home alone now. No where to go. How come everything he'd once loved was now out to hurt him?


Cafe Fashionista said...

Screaming matches are never a good idea. :/

ivy's closet said...

Things can't always go his way.

lucy and sarah said...

Oh, he is kind of a drama queen. Hopefully, all is not lost.

Sara Gerard said...

Aww, things don't look good for him! Writing it all down is a good step though.

Natasha Gregson said...

Hwnry's dad is just getting used to his new situation. I think maybe he needs a little discipline from time to time.


SG said...

Your not alone baby... hate valentine's day this year!

xx SG

MOSAMUSE said...

i hope he starts to love the fact that his dad is around!