Wednesday, March 13, 2013

spirit went where it went

It was weird when Holden thought about it. Of course, he'd been in a deep sleep for some time now. Nothing could hurt him. Yet the fact remained. He felt sure he was not alone in the car that night with Sunny.

Perhaps it was an angel or a spirit. Something not of this earth. Shielding her from the impact. Holden was certain there was not a scratch on her. He was certain he was the one not alive. But he awoke to the stinging sound of beeps and a very odd array of machines and plastic tubes around him. His head in traction.

Maybe this was hell. His body couldn't fight it. He might as well have been planted in concrete.

He stared into space. It was a bit of a blank. Someone checked his eyes. Asked if he was in pain.

"I dunno." He could be if he thought about pain. At the moment it was numbness. There was a terrible thought he'd get out of here in a Sponge Bob suit. He kind of smiled at that.

"Where is she?" Holden asked. Sunny was all right. Wasn't she?

He thought of her phone call. She'd wanted him to come over. He'd wanted to play a video game. But she was his anchor these days. Perhaps, giving him a chance to fit in. She was nice to him. So much nicer than anyone else.

Not that they'd actually kissed. Well, a kiss on the cheek when he took her home on Valentines Day. It was so old-fashioned. He didn't know girls like that existed, anymore.

Especially, what he'd been through with Dalia, back home. She was a mess. Even on suicide watch now. Of course, he never thought she'd go through with it. She liked to cause havoc at home, and he somehow got in the middle of it one night. She hadn't wanted to go home. Even his mother thought how weird it was that a teenage 'Gossip' girl would want to bed down in his tiny little half bed in that mess of a room of his in the basement.

Well, he thought he owed her something. Dalia was the only girl he'd ever been with. But he was to have nothing to do with her now. And he'd left all his scratched up CDs of very bad rap music behind. He could see it still on the floor of his old room. He knew his mother was too frightened to go in there.

He hated his clean room, and that step-sister.Why was she so annoyed with him? Sunny was the only one who reached out to him. Maybe he felt he owed her something too. Never did he ever expect to get in a carwreck with her.

"Is she all right?" His eyes bulged looking around as if they were hiding something from him. "She has to be all right."

When Luna took his limp hand, he couldn't even fill her touch, but he looked up at Luna's wretched face and knew the worst. How could that be?

 His Dad was coming.  He'd gone out to bring back dinner.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Oh, I hope she's okay. She really needs someone. :/

ivy's closet said...

I hope Holden will get through this.

Sara Gerard said...

Poor Holden, what a way to get the news!

lucy and sarah said...

I feel for Holden. I hope Dalia will remember him.

mazzymay said...

Oh, I hope he'll be OK. Such a horrible time for him.

Caitlin and Megan said...

Really a sad time, but I'm glad he's getting better.

MOSAMUSE said...

:( holden