Friday, April 12, 2013

gray matter

Kat and Wild

All Wild wanted was to touch Kat's face. Her hair. Be near her scent that smelled like orange blossoms and honey. But she'd pushed him away as soon as he arrived. Now as he looked at her, he felt very grim. In spite of the news.

"How? How could you keep this from me?" He asked when they were alone.

She shrugged ever so indifferent. She looked the same in her slouchy crocheted sweater and favorite faded jeans, sporting those ugly Uggs of hers.

This was still his fault. It was true, she carried grudges better than anyone he'd ever known. He wasn't quite sure if he could trust her with Keegan. She hated him.

"How far along?" He asked, not thinking it would be anyone else's. After all, they'd been happy once, but that was a very different Kat.

"A couple of months." She hugged herself as if no way was he to get near her.

"Have you even gone to a doctor?" He asked. Kat swelled a frown. He rolled his eyes. She was smarter than this? Wasn't she?

Wild bit his bottom lip. He checked out the bathroom. It looked so nice like he might be a guest here. There was sweet soap and fresh towels.

"Do you even want me here?" He winced, wondering if he could get his place back he'd sub-lent to some college student, who he was sure he'd have more luck with than his own wife, but that was beside the point.

Kat finally nodded.

"You, have to talk to me." He stared at her. At this point, he didn't want to have sleep on the couch. Not tonight. Not after this long trip. He switched on the bedroom light. The bed was far bigger than the regular sized bed he had back in his flat. It was a lot warmer too.

"You said, it would always be..." She stared at him as if he'd lied to her.

"Well, things change." He glared right back. "Was I suppose to give him up? I couldn't. I wouldn't." He swelled a frown. He'd always wanted to be a part of Keegan's life, and he knew he should have fought for it, long before now. But who knew, there would be no one in Keegan's life after his mother died. Keegan's mother didn't have a close family. She'd only wanted the two of them to be alone. How he hated that word alone.

 He set down on the bed. The blue plaid comforter was so cozy. Wild couldn't help but want to rest his weary bones. He took off his shoes and laid down. Just his luck, she'd tell him to go, but she didn't. She laid down next to him as if there was no other place to go.

He took her hand in his. New beginnings were quite scary, but at least it felt almost like home because Kat was here.


ivy's closet said...

It looks like he'll try. I hope she will too.

JustJaslin said...

Was this an excerpt from a particular book? It's a nice read :))

♡ Jaslin from

Cafe Fashionista said...

Oh, I hope they can make it work. :)

Sara Gerard said...

I am glad he is the one person who can get to her, she does hold grudges.

ellie said... sweet to hear that from you JustJaslin. You are making me blush. Oh, how I wish.

ellie's desk said...

I do hope he'll be good for her. I think he will.