Friday, April 5, 2013

restless thoughts

Honestly, Henry didn't have a clue what Josie was getting at. He felt this was possibly a new chapter in his life. Maybe a whole new book, with Shan. Things were better. Although, he did need to remind him how bad things could get.

"I dunno if I can stay over." He knew that was Josie's plan, but he was certain his Dad would go ape shit. Everything made his Dad tense these days. Sometimes, Henry didn't know why he even tried with his Dad. According to his mother, Henry was exactly like his Dad.

"I can't believe Mom would even compare me to him? Seriously?" Henry was trying to get a handle on this. It was so hard to keep calm. "Dad just needs a job and he needs to stay out of my business." Other wise, it would be no big deal to stay the night with Josie. It would be no big deal to sleep with her. Ian wouldn't even care.

He looked over at her.

"You wouldn't dare ever get messed up with Derrick, again..would you?" Was this why he was here? Talk her out of something ridiculous?

"God, no. Never." She winced hard as if who was crazy now?

"You really had me scared." Henry gave her the eye.

"Well, you had me scared too. I mean, at that party." She sighed. "You and ..and that guy?"

"Like, you and Ian were going to intervene?" He looked away, thinking how relaxed Josie and Ian looked at the party. "NOT."

He wanted to forget it. Why even go down that road? It was over. He didn't want to talk about Alfie. He pushed his swooped bangs back as if this was a mute subject. Weren't they trying to find the bright side? Avoid the dark at all cost. He bit his upper lip.

 Finally he got up. He'd had enough. Henry slipped on his loafers and found his heavy brown jacket.

"I'm sorry. Some girl was looking at Ian, and..and he got me out of there before I could start a fight. Its not always about you." She looked up at him as if needed to remember.

"God, Josie," Henry said with a scowl. "You have nothing..nothing to ever worry about Ian's loyalty. He's  like this..this knight in shining armor who can't wait to paint your toenails." He looked at her wide eyed. "I...I have so much more to worry about with..with Shan."

"Like what?" She winced.

"He could possibly be the biggest pothead at school..and..and.." He didn't want to say it, but just how close were Shan and Fish? "Evidently, I'm not cool enough to get high with." He winced miserably as if it might be a curse he could never get rid of.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Henry really needs Josie to listen right now. :/

ivy's closet said...

I hope she can support him. Its hard to say who's right and who's wrong.

lucy and sarah said...

Its good to know what's on his mind. I do feel bad for him. I hope Josie will be the friend he can trust.

Caitlin and Megan said...

Henry really does need a friend now.

Linda said...

Such a sad moment. I hope Henry can trust Shan.

ilaria cardia said...