Tuesday, August 13, 2013

just a restless thought

not all who wander are lost

Jane really wondered how much Asa kept an eye on Max.

"I never see him." Jane admitted. Of course, she was so tired when she got home from the hospital. She was doing great to spend time with her own kid and Dylan. Her twelve hour shifts were not easy. And she was sure she was no fun, lately. She didn't mean to nag Asa about Max.

"He's fine." His typical answer. Asa was busy too. Especially, with the kids. And the cleaning and more projects with the kids.

"Really?" Jane put her hands on her tired back. She was in her nurse's scrubs that had Care Bears on them. However, she didn't feel that sweet at the moment. After all, Jane was the grownup at home.

She knew that Sara was over a lot. Jane wasn't so sure she was nearly as proper as she liked for everyone to believe.

"Are you, absolutely positive?" Jane stared him down, as if he needed to actually get up and go to Max's room.

"Quit trying to make me look so bad. I saw him this morning. We have breakfast every morning. He tells me what's on his mind. He's working. He always picks up. He's a good kid." Asa shrugged.

OK. Maybe she'd underestimated Asa. Jane was out of here, way before breakfast. She wasn't trying to run Max's life, but she was starting to think he was just too quiet. And he let that girl do what ever she wanted. Jane was beginning to think Sara might be a bad influence.

Asa checked his schedule on the big calender next to the fridge. Max was at work. "I'll text him..if it makes you feel, any better."

Jane only nodded. She headed toward the shower hoping it would wake her up enough to make some dinner. Maybe if she were lucky, Asa would start an omelet and find the frozen hash browns.

She shuffled off. There was no way they could plan a wedding this year.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Such a tough time. :/

ivy said...

Looks like trouble brewing.

Lucy and Sarah said...

Asa may not be as perfect as he thinks.

Sara Gerard said...

Aw, that has gotta be so rough!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I hope Jane is happy.