Wednesday, October 23, 2013

its like this

It was suppose to last. They had a schedule. They were going to be fine. Lola meant for it to be. She wanted nothing to change between her and Crosby.

But she was in New York City and he was still back home. Both were in college now. And yes, they did Skype on her laptop every night. Sort of.

It was all Ashley's fault.

That's where it started. Her roommate who wasn't a girl. There was a mix up, and then it was too late. She'd be out of housing, or he would be. And actually, Ash was almost a girl. At least Lola thought so in the beginning.

Ash was from London and every night his best mate, Denny stayed over. Only he slept on the floor and he wasn't even at the Uni. He was supposedly breaking into Broadway.

"He has a boyfriend," Lola said. She guessed it was so. She told Crosby he had nothing to worry about. It seemed to calm him.

But soon enough, she was finding it easy to talk to Ash, who wasn't a slouch at putting sets together.  He could sing anywhere. And he did.

He was so funny. Of course, she couldn't tell Crosby why he was so funny. Because, she couldn't explain it. Maybe it was his smile. His endearing nose. All Ash had to be was Ash. And he enjoyed her company.

"See, you have somebody to do things with now."  Crosby reminded her. Simply put.

It was true. Ash and Lola discovered all the little places to go. Like out of the way diners, book stores and museums. Even Central Park. Everything was a laugh with Ash. Lola couldn't take him, seriously. Why should Crosby?

Even when Ash stared behind her like a little mad imp while she was chatting to Crosby, she assured Crosby that he was just being funny.

"I don't think it's funny." Crosby was dead serious. "Just what are you doing with him?"

Lola couldn't help to be a little nervous. Yes, they'd held hands. Sometimes, Ash would loop his arm around hers. Just for safety. She supposed.

"Its nothing. He means nothing to me." She found herself saying to Crosby. Ash was only a friend. She didn't want it to be anything more. It couldn't be anything more. Didn't he believe her?

Of course, when she closed her laptop shut, she'd forgot to tell Crosby she loved him. She felt in such a rush. After all, Ash wanted to go out. He had tickets to see Hedwig and the Angry Inch.


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

Oh, I hope everything works out.


Sara Gerard said...

Looks like things are changing :/

Georgina said...

It is SO important that we remember to tell those we love how much we do xo

ivy said...

Oh..I hope she won't forget Crosby! I love Georgina's message too!