Tuesday, December 31, 2013

sad sorts

sad sorts prt.1

Jules' eyes were burning. Maybe it was from tears or just lack of sleep. He knew Willow didn't need to be put through any of this. After all, they'd had some happy news to tell her parents. He supposed. He wasn't so sure anymore. About any of it.

The baby news was down played now. Besides, there was worry about his sister. Even Willow's parents were in a spat about it.

"I told you, she needed to be with us!" Willow's father snapped, while he could see her mother was on Jonah's side in all this. She was looking out for him. After all, they'd just broke up.

Jules had been on the phone with his mother for a good long while. Naturally, his mother was all frantic, thinking the worst. That was before she was given a sedative. Now she was mellow, but sad.

"Why don't, you know anything?" The question remained. Except, she wasn't bellowing it in his ear now, but more calm in a cracked voice. Jules kept thinking on his mother's words, and then Josie stopped at the house.

"So you think she's with that bloke, Gage, you say?" Jules kept staring at Josie when she came to the house with Dean, who looked a little uneasy herself. She'd given him her thoughts about Gage. Dean knew him. Gage was unpredictable. Finally, they left as if there was nothing they could really do.

Of course, it was wait and see. Yet. It seemed so obvious. They needed to find Gage.

Jules plopped himself on the couch. He felt certain he might have a bit of the flu as tired as he felt, but there was Willow making over him. He wanted to tell her to stop it, but deep down..he didn't want her too.

It was never quite like that when he was growing up. He thought of the times, finding his mum on the bathroom floor. At first, he didn't know. She had a bruise on her forehead, and he liked the fact he could take care of her. He was a little kid then, but felt as if he could be a super hero.

He thought of the time when Halie was a baby, and she was screaming so in the middle of the night. He'd gotten up, calling his mum just to find that she wasn't there. He'd been so scared, but he'd taken Halie from the crib and held her as if she was the only thing he truly had.

And now she'd gone off with someone she'd just met.

"What is the matter with her? Not like she's done without, you know." Maybe Jules was saying it to himself. He thought how Halie's father got involved. He'd have nothing to do with their mother. He knew what she was like. Highs and lows of her hap-hazzard life.

Halie's father made sure they wouldn't see Halie, again. It came to Jules like a bad dream, remembering how it had been. At least, now their Mom was going to call Halie's father and tell him what was going on.

"I hope she has a chance to think things through." Willow was close so close. He wanted to hug her more, but he was afraid too. There was a baby inside her that he couldn't even phantom what might look like.

"But she doesn't think, Will. She never ever thinks things through." He bit his lip thinking how much she was really like their mother.

His cell buzzed. He reached in his pocket. It was his mother. She was coming to the states with Halie's Dad.

Sad sorts prt. 2

Jama had never seen Liz so livid. Here they were at the reception at the pub having a grand old time. It even looked as if Liz might be married to Rufus aka Jule's dad. They were so together. And she thanked them both for all they'd done for her and Ian's wedding. Honestly, it felt so good to be doing something right.

Marco was gone. For good. And she didn't miss him. She hadn't for some time now. Actually, everything seemed to be shaping up splendid. Then the phone call from Jules came and shattered everything.

Liz paced at first. She was screaming at Jules in the next breath.

Jama only imagined the worst. What had Jules done? He was back to his old tricks, she supposed. He always gloated when he dared her and always won. But it turned out that Jules was all stable now. His wife was expecting a baby.

"Did you hear that?" Jama went to Ian about the news. It didn't phase her a bit about Halie. Jama could have seen this coming months ago. Halie was a bit of a drama queen.

"Well, they've been married now for ..a while. About time, I guess." Ian didn't think much of it.

Jama hugged her self and immediately thought it happened just to get back at her. She knew it was negative to think such rot, but it was as if it were ingrained in her, somehow..to think the worst when it came to Jules. Jama wanted to stop thinking this way. It was childish. After all, she was to be a mother by summer.

Finally, she helped Liz get settled once they got her home. They checked in her meds cabinet to see what she had on hand. Actually, some heavy duty pain killers.

"I don't like the looks of this." Ian went through the medicines and put most of them in a big plastic bag. He hid them in a place...they doubted Liz knew about. Under a floorboard in the room where Ian had stayed.

Ian handed her a Valium. There was only one more pill. She'd have to call for a refill if she wanted more.

Jama found herself smiling, not really wanting to admit it, but she was glad Ian was there looking out for all them.


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

Ian's a good guy.


Sara Gerard said...

Wow, so much to take in! I wonder how the parents are going to handle being in the states?

ivy said...

Oh such holiday madness. I do feel so bad for Jules.

deb said...

Oh, I'm glad Ian is there. I do wonder what Halie is up too.