Sunday, March 9, 2014

Its like this

Sweet on a teen dream...

Gage was sure of it. He'd get along with this Hansen splendid. After all, Gage took him for a stoner. Gage couldn't quite believe his luck as he lit up.

Hansen had left Holden and him to their own devices. Just how much trouble could the get into on a frigid parking lot,on an early Saturday morning?

"This'll warm you, up." Gage sighed as he handed over the homemade cigarette.

"I dunno. I don't want to get sick." Holden confessed that he couldn't do the hard stuff like he used too, with all the anti-depressants he was on.

"Then stop taking them." Gage said ever so stoic. "Look, bro, you want to go through withdrawal, being on all that shit for so long? Trust me, settle with something genuine." He thought so anyway. He really disliked perscription drugs. Unless, he took them the way he wanted. But, he usually made a little money if he sold them to kids. He was not a druggie, after all.

"What?" Even Holden's smile was fake. "No. I couldn't. I..I have to have the anti-depressants."

"Oh really?" Gage shrugged a whatever look. He took another draw from the cigarette to sooth his lungs from the sub-zero temps. He felt like suing the grocery store for making them work in these awful conditions. It was just not right. "Suit yourself. More for me."

Naturally Holden took some of the smoke as he huddled behind the building with Gage.

"Look, what do, you have to complain about? You've got your own room, I bet, with parents." Gage stared at him as some poor little rich boy. "You, should step in my boots for awhile. Got no real home. Just found out my girl has a kid on the way."

"Is it yours?" Holden wanted to know as if that would be worse.

"Fuck yeah." Gage winced a grin as if he was proud of the fact, yet it was part of the gloom too..not ever knowing what it would truly be, to be a father since Halie was half a world or so away. "Its just, she's in this other country."

"Woo."  Holden laughed and Gage almost felt like bringing the dude to his knees, but then again, he really wasn't the kind of guy who got friend requests. "Are know..go there?" Holden was getting happy, already.

"Fuck, I don't see how." Gage made a face of disgust as he watched the smoke leave his mouth mixed with the cold haunting air. If only he could touch Halie again, he'd be warm, away from this dreadful cold.

"Yeah, well, I can't even get with this girl who I thought we were know, on Valentines day." Holden sighed as if he might be in the same boat with Gage when it came to women. Gage rolled his eyes at that.

"It sucks." Gage took another quick draw and handed it over to Holden. He knew they needed to get busy before someone checked on them. "So fuck it." He was straight lipped as he grabbed the cigarette from Holden and put it out. He pulled him with him to get started on this little job that might make them or break them. Maybe he'd just found his new best friend.


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

Gage isn't being the best of influences right now.


ivy said...

Holden would have to find him for a friend...=)

Natasha Gregson said...

I get the impression that Gage isn't the type of friend that Holden needs. I think there's something a little traumatic in Gage's past :/

MOSAMUSE said...

catching up! :) ive been sick for like a week with the flu