Monday, March 10, 2014

no looking back

no looking back

"You know, I'm not lucky in love." There, Darby said it. Of course, Drex was the only one to listen in the studio. Most had packed it in by now, but there was always tomorrow to get ready for.

Darby kept his chin up, about this whole thing with Denny from the get go. Yes, Denny was finally in print. To be on a Canadian show was one thing, but now even JUST JARED wanted to know who Denny Hinton was dating.

"Maybe its the drama." Drex just shrugged as he went to find some order in the logic of the props on the set. He was checking his phone to see certain of the details he'd snapped earlier. "You want it. You got it, with your Denny."

Darby didn't want Drex to talk about his boyfriend. As it was, Darby was no one. It had came to that, even if Denny kept swearing it wasn't so, but it was. Darby and Denny had a home together.

Darby felt as if he might be somewhere in the walls of this life they lead in this business. Darby might as well be a ghost.

"Maybe, it'll get easier." Drex finally said as if he might ease Darby's pain. A little. "He'll have his run. Make some money, and then you two can go off and be happy."

Darby hugged himself. It was not going to last. He was counting the days. Denny's character Jensen Reese was a smash. There were talks that Denny might make a guest appearance on the CW or that new sci-fi show on FOX.

"I don't think so." Darby sensed it. Denny would be out on his own in L.A.. He would just have to let Denny go. Besides, there was plenty to do here. And what was the point of dropping everything just to move out to L.A. to a complete different life style that might eat them alive.

"Look, you know, you can get into as much trouble here and you can there." Drex pointed out when Darby told him what was on his mind over a beer at the bar, downstairs from where Darby and Denny lived.

"Yeah, but they really look after you here." Darby caught him self thinking that it was a lot like boot camp, maybe. The cast from the show went on trips to India and Africa to help out under-developed places when they weren't filming.

Still it was all so muddled. Yes, it looked like Denny was dating his flirty co-star, but he was coming home to him. Darby just hated that it had came to this fake life. And he couldn't help thinking it was his own damned fault.


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

I imagine it's a hard existence for Darby.


deb said...

If I was Darby, I would be furious with Denny for leaving him out. Maybe. Its sad when people are like Denny.

Milex said...

Simply amazing!

Sara Gerard said...

Woah, this just got really, really complicated :/

Lady Lilith said...

Poor guy. Better luck next time maybe.