Saturday, May 24, 2014

Going deeper

Going Deeper

Oliver had avoided Kayla's phone calls all week. In fact her whole family had been calling.

Finally, he called Kayla's real mom to let her know that Avery was fine. She didn't need to worry. Jules and Willow were taking care of his bakery shop.

Instead, he got a worried voice. Kayla had another asthma attack, and she was pregnant.

Instantly, Oliver felt numb. He grew even more silent. It was worse than he knew.

"How? How can I return now?" The puzzle of his life were losing more pieces.

"Then don't." Ian, his younger brother shrugged. After all, Oliver was staying at Liz's, a friend of their mother's in the village.

Still Oliver felt more sick than ever. He didn't even know if he could take care of himself anymore. He felt so frazzled.

"Kayla doesn't need me, anymore. Maybe she never needed me." He was a wreck. It was as if someone knocked his soul out of him, already. He could barely stand on his own.

True, he'd never really trusted her in a very long time, but he tried to keep it together. Besides, he'd never really had a real family. He was something leftover from his immediate family,  that was usually left out in the cold.  He knew Kayla's mom was only calling for Avery, anyway. She was after all, the first grandchild.

So when Kayla;s mother called again, he promised himself he'd let Avery talk even if it was more baby babble than anything.

But when he answered his cell, it was Kayla.

"Please, you have to come home." She was crying and sounded so distraught. After all, Oliver did have her child, but he hadn't meant to keep her hostage. "You, have to come home." She kept begging. "Its your baby."

He clicked off. Not sure what to say.

Instead his dry lips could barely get a word out as he went to tell Ian, who was down at the pub making pies for the menu.

"I dunno." Oliver shook his head. "Suppose, I was just a surrogate of some kind. She doesn't want to be with me."

He really didn't want to think of the time when it could have even happen. They'd both been sick with the flu, as he recalled. Yes, he must have had a fever then. Or was it her? She seldom let her guard down, around him. Oh, she hadn't thought of him, at all.

Oliver felt as if he were in a hole he couldn't get out of. But he didn't want Kayla any sicker than she was. And if seeing Avery would make her happy, he knew what he had to do.


Launna said...

You described exactly how I feel... I feel like my soul was knocked out of me and I haven't been able to stand on my own.. I read these words and I finally have words for how I am feeling... You are such a great writer... keep writing Ellie :)

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Oliver's a good guy!


Beth said...


ivy said...

Oliver is a good man..indeed.

deb said...

This was so touching.