Saturday, May 17, 2014

in the moment

in the moment

Mitch hated to leave Sky home alone. He was beginning to think that Skye wasn't much better now, and it had been years since Sky's little sister was killed in a hit and run.

Still Mitch adjusted his bow-tie once more. Derrick would be here any minute for Prom. They weren't sharing a limo just going in Derrick's beat up car.

Mitch tried his best not to bug Sky. After all, he kept to himself in his room, reading biographies mostly.

Mitch knocked on Sky's door. He hesitated. Sky could probably care less how he looked in this tux. After all, Sky was in his trusty Tee and old jeans with a flannel shirt he never took off.

"So? How do I look?" Mitch bit a smile, hoping he and Sky could really talk instead of these few pleasantries.

"You, look great!" Sky pushed his book away. "Big night? Gonna be out all night?"

"Oh, no, I doubt that." Mitch knew Derrick would make the rounds and be back here by 11. Probably, spend the night.

"So? So should I..I go out?" Sky wanted to know.

"Where you gonna go?" Mitch looked worried then. "I'm not gonna leave you in the cold."

"I know..its might be expecting some alone time. And I'm fine with that." Sky assured him.

"Well, Derrick can be a whiner, but he's fine with you living here." Mitch sighed, crossing is arms. Although, Derrick might not like the idea of labeling him. "So is the library?" Mitch decided to change the subject as he finally to sit on the corner of the bed as Sky lounged next to a stack of books.

"The usual." Sky shrugged. "Well..I got weird phone call, from this shelver other day."

"How weird?" Mitch winced.

"He wants me to watch out for his girlfriend while he's gone to boot camp." Sky almost grinned. "Don't know if I'm suppose to be a secret Ninja body guard, or what. I mean that's just crazy."

"Maybe..maybe he's got a lot on his mind." Mitch shrugged back.

"I guess." Sky hugged himself.

"But, you're always a good friend. I'm glad he's got you for a friend." Mitch heard the door bell. He went to get it. Sky didn't move.

There was Derrick, all smiles, ready to 'Kill it', as he put it.

Soon Mitch called for Sky to take their picture with his camera phone.

As he watched Sky take the picture, Mitch really wish Sky would let someone into his life. How could he keep himself in this personal prison for so long?


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Poor Sky.


Anonymous said...

Oh...I'm already wishing Sky has something good happen soon for him.

ivy said...

Oh, I like Sky. I'm glad he has Mitch for a roommate.

deb said...

Oh, do wonder how those 3 will get along.