Thursday, May 1, 2014

making a moment

making a moment

Matti finally let herself have a nice time.

Holden wasn't like anyone she'd ever met. Oh, he was a real guy. Not one of those dancers.

OK, it was true, twins were dating her. More like a competition. But they weren't here. They were in Denver. And they were calling and texting her all the time, to come back to the dance academy.

Maybe it just wasn't meant to be.

Yes, they were amazing dancers and probably really sweet. But she was suppose to choose, and she couldn't.

She'd never mislead them, in anyway. While she was there, of course, dance took over her life. And she'd even been offered a chance with the company, but she didn't take it. These were things that she did not discuss with Holden.

No, she listened about his life. He'd been a coma.

"What was that like?" She wanted to know.

"Oh, I"

She knew he didn't want to talk about it. Not even now. But he'd met her at the food court at the mall, later that week after the party. Of course, here she was eating a gigantic meal of fries, tripple patty burger and a strawberry shake. He was good with a soda and a burger. Holden was trying to stay away from carbs, but she offered him some fries, anyway. He took a fry and bit into it. She moved the little tub of ketchup toward him.

As she watched him almost dip his fry, she wondered if he was just preventing himself from enjoying life.

She told him she danced a lot. She was in a children's theater ballet production of Peter and the Wolf. She actually got the part of Peter.

"Like Peter Pan?" He sounded a bit confused, but then again he did notice most women got the role of Peter Pan.

"No," she smiled. "I just showed up. My lucky day. No one else tried out for the part." Her grin was open. Perhaps she was just being silly, but she felt at ease around him.

"Do you get paid?" He wanted to know.

"No." She dipped another fry. This time he dipped a fry too. "Its just for the experience." She doubted anyone like a critic would show up. Mainly parents with inspiring ballerinas would be at the old theater. "Would you come?" She looked at him.

"I dunno." He faked a little laugh as if that would be so ridiculous.

"I could get, you, in free." She gave a bit of her innocent sad puppy eyes, hoping he might take to it.

"I..I might be working." He told her.

"Its Saturday night."


"Its just." He winced as if this would never ever work. "I hate traffic. I-I don't even drive."

"Well..if that's the only reason. My sister will drive."

"I work until five." He pressed his lips tight.

"It doesn't start until 7." Her grin was ever so sly.

"Sure." He said ever so quickly as if he didn't want to talk about it, again.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I wish he were more excited!


ivy said...

Oh, he needs more courage. I hope he adores her.