Saturday, August 30, 2014

hopelessly devoted

hopelessly devoted

"So, what do I owe you?' Sky could tell Josie's mind was else where. She helped him clean up after dinner. He washed and rinsed and she sort of dried dishes.

"What?" She was all serious, pale and maybe even sad. It was hard to tell sometimes. Perhaps she had that thing down like Kristen Stewart where she always looked pissed about the world and everything in it. Still, he didn't hold it, against her.

"He's in jail. You, should be happy." Sky was referring to Derrick. Yes, he knew of her history with Derrick. They had a son together. Henry told him all about it one afternoon at the library. For about 15 minutes he was certain Josie was terribly crazy, but then he got over it and was glad he knew her now and not then. He thought they were friends.

"I guess." She sighed as if he was way off.

Sky scrubbed on a pan. Suddenly, it hit him. Dean.

"Did you hear from Dean?" He wanted to know.

"No." She sounded as if that would have been tragic.

"I thought you were going to write to him." Sky shrugged and went back to the soapy suds and pots and pans.

"I did." And it sounded like the worst thing she could have possibly done.

"Look," Sky didn't know where to start. He knew Dean meant well, but he was definitely lousy with long distance stuff. "He went into the Army. I mean, that keeps you crazy busy, you know."

She nodded as if she knew he was right.

"I was thinking about going to Oklahoma, you know, to his graduation." She finally announced.

"His graduation?" He squinted then. "Alone?"

She nodded as if it wouldn't be any trouble.

"Have you ever gone on a trip that far before, alone?" He festered a concerned look.

"I can do it." She got out her iPhone as if that was all she would need.

"What if..your car breaks down?" He rinsed another pot.

She only shrugged as if she'd figure it out.

"What if I go with you?" He said before he meant too. He'd never been that far from home in a decade or so.

She looked at him as if he might be defeating the purpose. He stared at her for a moment longer. It was time. He could feel the moment consuming him before it ever arrived. And when he kissed, he wanted her to know that he was ready to be there for her.


ivy said...

Glad they finally kissed.

cat eyes & skinny jeans said... sweet.


Launna said...

It's about time they kissed... I wonder how Josie will respond...