Monday, August 25, 2014

what's in a name or who to blame?

What's in a name or who to blame?

It was rather a quiet day when it happened. Audrey supposed. At least, she saw it that way.

She thought the birth of her 8 lbs baby boy went quite smoothly.

"Really?" Aidan looked as if he'd been put through the ringer. He was exhausted.

It was true, Audrey looked happy with the baby. She only smiled as if she was glad he'd suffered more than her. Yes, she'd kept Aidan up all night.

She talked nonstop about Game of Thrones and all the characters and which character was the best name for the baby. See, her mind was else where. Even so, she moaned and groaned like the best, and even bit Aidan in the process.

But now, she was fine. The baby was fine.

"We've decided on Bran." She clarified as if she'd ended the search. Bran was after her favorite character.

"Won't they think we named him after a cereal?" Aidan looked at her as if he would have thought by now..she would have snapped out of her Game of Thrones doxology.

"I don't care what anyone thinks." She was fierce. Aidan only gave her a nod. He held the baby then as if he'd have to think on the name, once more.

"But I thought you liked Callum?' He began.

"Don't." She practically snapped just as her Mom and Kayla arrived.

Aidan told them about the name Audrey liked so much. Naturally, they both looked as if the name was rather off putting. As if it might have been a great name in the middle ages, but not now.

"Well, I'm not that strange." Audrey festered a frown as she looked to Kayla, thinking that was her middle name 'strange'.

"Are there any other names?" Her mother mentioned they could name the baby after her father or Aidan's dad.

Audrey rolled her eyes. She wouldn't have anyone naming her baby, but herself.

"Liam." Kayla suggested while her mother went to look the baby over who had a nice head of thick dark hair.

Audrey shook her head, no.

"You would." Kayla pressed her lips tight. Finally she sighed and admitted she might have a break through about her whole ordeal with Oliver.

"Mom could never keep a job." Kayla announced.

"What?" Audrey winced as if that had nothing to do with Kayla and Oliver's marriage on the rocks. "She had plenty of jobs when I was growing up. She was even head of costumes in the theater department. " Come to think of it, that one didn't exactly pay.

Their mother went off with Aidan so he could video the baby to show to his parents who were still in New York City.

"OK, she might have gone through a lot of jobs." Audrey couldn't imagine why Kayla would bring this up now. "But..she was busy with us." Possibly, she'd go overboard about beginning a new job and then hate it a few weeks later. "So what."

"Mom's bi-polar." Kayla told her.

Audrey squinted hard.

She thought of her dear sweet Bran or was that Callum in the hall? What did he have to look forward to in this life?

Honestly, Audrey couldn't even decide on a name.

In came Aidan who'd been on the phone with his parents. They all said the baby looked like a Harry.

"But, I think we're going to go with Easton." Aidan then said.

"Oh yeah, I always liked that name." Audrey smiled as if she was coming out of a brain freeze. "Remember the cat that got away?"

Now she thought she might be the one mental, but at least Aidan remembered how much she loved that cat and of course, the cat's name.


Launna said...

I like different names too but Bran just sounds short for Brandon and Easton is a bit odd but better than Bran...

ellie said...

My cousin used the name "easton' for her baby's name. Its a name of their favorite football player from where they live. We still have a hard time figuring out why she used that name, but I would call him East if I were going with that name.

ivy said...

Audrey always surprises me. But I knew a cat would be involved..some how. I've met a lot of Ethans lately.

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

It's such a dapper name.


Sara Gerard said...

I think in the end, Audry gets to pick! She is the one who gave birth! :)