Saturday, September 27, 2014

The lowdown

The Lowdown

"You, work at the courthouse?" Eli was confused. "But I thought you were going to be a dental assistant?" He squinted hard trying to imagine Martha hoovering over someone's mouth with that strange boot on her foot.

"That's Beth." Martha was clearly soured, laid up on the couch. Naturally, she said the ice cream he brought would make her fat.

"But, I'll eat it." Effy grinned as she took the Ben and Jerry's ice cream from Eli. She motioned for Deiter to come with her. She would share.

Eli guessed it wasn't so bad as he made his life out to be. So he had a boyfriend. So what.

"Does Lena know?" Eli couldn't help but play around with Martha's fat boot her foot was isolated in. She'd never broke anything in her life. Of course, she said "OW." As soon as he was close to it.

"Why would I tell Lena?" Martha drew a tighter frown.

"Yeah, you were just pretending at the wedding." Eli swelled a frown. He could play this game. He was hoping they would include Lena in everything now. As it was, his mom hardly spoke of her.

"God, would you quit." She snapped. "She wouldn't care. She doesn't have too." Martha told him it was just a broken ankle. She would be fine.

About then, Effy was back with a bowl of Chunky Monkey with Deiter.

"Did she tell you, who saved her?" Effy grinned as if Martha might be in a movie.

"No, she didn't." Eli eyed his little sister. Naturally, Martha festered a glare at Effy.

"It was that guy she met at Lena's wedding." Her voice was almost in sing  song.

"Oh, really."  Eli shot a look at Martha. "I didn't know you met anyone."

"Never mind." Martha was smug as usual.

"He's your ex-boyfriend's new boyfriend's brother." Effy bit a grin.

"No, he's not." Martha clarified. She rolled her eyes.

"You, saw Garvin?" Eli squinted.

"Oh, so you remember his name, after all?" Now Deiter didn't look to happy.

Eli gave Deiter the eye. This was no time to get in a spat. What was it? Being here? Eli felt sure the old house alone gave off bad vibes to be in a bad mood. Except for Effy, she was always happy. Was she on something?

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Launna said...

Well, he didn't seem too please that Martha had met Garvin... hmm...

Maybe Effy is just happy... she doesn't have to be on something... :)