Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Like yesterday's thought

Like Yesterday's Thought

Oh, Alo was full of surprises. Naturally, he'd sent red roses to Vada at the library while she was shelving. She could see the envy on everyone's face, but she did want to spread the love. She gave half of the dozen to Ren when she came in.

They had some catching up. Vada took a break and told her all about Alo.

"Now, your turn," Vada smiled. "You're really with Gage's dad?" It didn't even sound real when she said it. Vada never expected Gage to have a dad and Ren was with him.

"Yes." She held out her left hand. There was an engagement ring. Actually, bigger than Vada expected. "That's not all." She poised another smile. "Dean. He's coming for a visit. Next week."


"I'd like for you to come to dinner." Ren was straight lipped as if she knew every secret that Vada might carry with her. "You..you could bring this Alo. I'd really like to meet him."

"I'll..." She really wasn't sure if seeing Dean, after all this time, would be a good idea.

"He got married."

"What?" Vada couldn't help to squint. "When?"

"I think it was before the new year, actually." Ren told her. "She's in the military too. They're expecting a baby in July."

Vada wasn't sure she was even seeing straight. This couldn't be true.

"Does Josie know?" Vada sucked in a breath.

"God, I..I hadn't even thought to tell her." Ren sighed. "Maybe..maybe you could let her know."

Vada didn't mean to puff a frown. A chill came over her as if she might be coming down with something nasty. She'd stayed away from Josie for a good long while. She didn't have any reason to speak to her. Why her? Why now? But Vada only nodded.


Launna said...

Oh my... I hope Josie just lets it go that Dean is with someone else... I don't know about Vada telling her either...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Maybe this will bring Josie and Vada together as friends?


Sara Gerard said...

Oh man, Dean and the ladies! Always drama.