Wednesday, April 29, 2015

some siblings are closer than others

some siblings are closer than others

"That is wild." Nico sighed when Sky told him about Gramps' reaction to Sam.

Nico bit into a snap pea and tossed the rest into the stir-fry pan. He shook the skillet as it sizzled.

Sky was over for dinner.  As it was, Nico hadn't met Sam, either.

"Why didn't she come?" Nico looked over his shoulder at Sky who sat at the kitchen table while Mitch was getting out glasses for the fresh lemonade.

"She had to work."

Nico nodded as he worked with the spatula and the vegetables. He set out whole wheat noodles in the bowls.

"Did you see Draco?" He wanted to know. Nico wished he could get the nerve up to see his brother, but he didn't really have too. It was best to stay distant.

Sky shook his head, no. "Maybe he's already in Colorado."

Nico nodded. He liked the idea of that as he poured the oriental broth on the noodles, then added the veg and the sliced turkey last.

"It would be like him to not say a word to anybody." Nico said when he sat down, as they were ready to eat.

"Has he..always..been like this?" Sky asked.

"Yeah. Afraid so." Nico said he was the quiet type. "But he had a lot of friends. It was just, he was never friends with us." Nico sighed, knowing his mother always found it troubling while his Dad was glad that Draco had friends.

"I don't think he's actually ever said a word to me." Sky shrugged.

Mitch shook his head. "That would never happen at our house." He smiled as if he were remembering something about his sister. "Mom always made my sister talk to me. Even when she didn't want too. Mom used to tell us that one day we might be all we had and we better be nice to each other."

"Yeah, Your sister does call at least once a week." Nico told Sky.

"Actually, once a day." Mitch confessed. "I call her." He bit into a chunk of bread then.

"Well, that's not gonna happen with Draco and me," Nico sighed.

"I guess next time, I better bring Sam." Sky said after he slurped a spoonful of noodles. "I want her to get to know you guys."

Nico evened a smile. He guessed Sky was serious about this Sam, after all.


Launna said...

Sky does seem to have real feelings Sam.. I hope she doesn't hurt him...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I wish Sky wouldn't have moved on so quickly.