Monday, June 15, 2015

Its in the walk even the talk

its in the walk..its in the talk

Things weren't going quite the way Sal anticipated.

Was this Leo's game plan? He was half a person. Practically, listless. But no one seemed to know he was actually a guy.

Of course, the group was shuffled around a bit. All were thin. Skinny jeans and lots of black was being sported. And there was Leo who stood out like a sore thumb. All moody. Wasn't even happy to be here.

How could he win with that attitude?

"Well, Leo's homesick." Sal told one of the cameras. "I mean, we need to be together." It wouldn't have been a problem if Leo would just be a guy who stayed with the group of boys. But no, he/she was being a little bit notorious. According to the other girls. She was getting more face time.

"I'm not even trying." Leo, pious yet bug-eyed to the camera. Finally seated next to Sal who was discussing his relationship with Leo. "I mean, aren't they suppose to be teaching me something, here?" Leo's soured look, evidently was empowering.

"Leo hasn't done many runways." Sal grinned.

"Maybe I don't have too." Leo was in a pout.

"We're from a small town, you see." Sal made light of it. "We have to stick together."

Leo had nothing to say to that.

Darn, if SHE didn't pull it off in the first round Strutting her stuff, like an unattainable creature. Sal found himself up for elimination. Luckily, he got by, but they warned him, he needed to bring it to the runway.


Launna said...

I think Leo needs to be honest... Sal deserves it..

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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Sal needs to step up his game - he can do this!