Thursday, September 17, 2015

That's me in the corner

That's me in the corner

Leo was lost. Somewhere down the line, he got swept away. And he didn't mean too. But somehow, they loved him. Evidently. And he supposed he'd broke a few hearts along the way. Yet, he was gone. Just not completely forgotten. He'd came in 4th on the Realty TV show. Not quite the winner.

Of course, Sal was long gone, but some has been model picked up the pieces. All was not lost. He was still in New York City and managed to take back his little one from Leo's sister.

Yes, it was quite a family affair. Seeing, Garvin and his sister Maggie.

If that didn't take the cake, they had to tell him they were getting married.

"Just what was really going on with you, old boy?" Gavin, he was now called..left the question in the air.."Are you a girl or a boy?"

It was just a nasty laugh, as far as Leo was concerned. Well, of course, he could get work as a girl (Supermodel). That's what they wanted him for. And damn if Sal's girl didn't have a little sister named Laska that just adored the crap out of Leo. They'd met on the show. And he guessed if he had been more up front with her, they might have been more than friends.

Seriously, he did not want to be a woman in love with another woman. He was definitely still the old Leo that everyone knew back home. Except, he dressed like a supermodel on occasion and lived in a high rise with Laska and her sister along with Sal and little Sophie. Everyone seemed to have someone, but him. Even Laska had loads of boyfriends she strung along from one party to the next.

She was the winner of the the reality show. But in the end, she wanted Leo. Except..they were just friends.


Launna said...

It seems like we always want the one's we can't have... that is kind of sad...

ivy said...

Oh Leo! I feel so sad for him. And Gavin/Garvin..did not turn out the way I was hoping for. But very cool set..and so glad you've added Hannah and Sukki.