Sunday, October 11, 2015

a little closer now

What is normal?

" would have been best..if it were just the two of us..that had gone to the zoo." Sara was rather somber after spending the day with Lily. They'd gone out for burgers and shakes, afterwards. Now she and Taylor were back at her place. Alone.

" was good. Maybe Lily needs us." His smile was quaint.

"I didn't know it was actually that bad. You know, Charlie and Lily. I mean..what if..Charlie can't see what Lily sees..and you know, she'll always be stuck with somebody who is always going to put her down." Sara told him she'd had a happy childhood with her parents. "And I still have my issues."

They plopped in front of the TV with some hard cidars and she turned on Netflix to PEEP SHOW. Yet, she didn't find any fun in it.

" the way, Lily really likes you." Sara's smile emerged as if he'd passed her course of the day at the zoo.

" Barry she likes." Taylor chuckled as he put the bottle to his lips and drank.

"Why did I do this too myself?" Her feet were so tired, but it felt like peace to lean against Taylor, who put his arm around her.

She closed her eyes. He kissed the top of her head, told her she was a very good friend.

Well, she didn't want to be his friend, exactly.

She reached for him then. His lips met hers, and his lips were just as kissable as she thought they would be.


Launna said...

I hope it all works out the way it should ....

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I'm dying to see his reaction to the kiss!