Saturday, October 10, 2015

we're all animals

We're all animals

"You, sure do talk about Barry ..a lot." Taylor mentioned to Lily who was busy petting a goat at the petting zoo. "Is that your boyfriend?"

"No!" She laughed at him.

 They looked up to see Sara being chased by a peacock. She'd gotten too close to take pictures of the mother peacock and her babies.

"You know, Barry." Lily told him. "He likes my mom."

"Really?" Taylor winced trying to put two and two together. "I thought..I that the guy your mom is going to marry?"

"No. I guess she'll have to marry the one she's with right now, and then maybe after that's done..she'll marry Barry." Lily was matter of fact, as if these kind of things took time. "But I can wait." She looked up at Taylor. "I guess."

They walked over to Sara. They were almost to the ski lift.

"So what's the deal with Charlie?" Taylor guessed it was the wrong time to put that question out there, but maybe Sara knew.

"What?" Sara looked at him as if he was not suppose to ask such questions, especially in front of Lily.

"Mommy used to be in jail." Lily told them both as they took her hand. Sara on the right. Taylor on Lily's left.

"That's sad." Taylor just said, wishing he could think of something better to say.

"She can't get a really good paying job now." Lily told them. "That's what Carson said."

"He told you this?" Sara pressed her lips tight.

"He's bad sometimes." Lily wasn't in much of a pout about it. "I mean, he thinks if she had a better job, they might be richer by now." Lily shrugged. "And he's pretty mad that Mom won't ask Daddy for money."

"Oh." Taylor and Sara said in unison. Thankfully, they were almost to the safari ride.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Poor Lily. She has so much on her shoulders despite how young she is. :(


Launna said...

Carson put too much on Lily... that's wrong..