Wednesday, January 13, 2016

That's the life

Remember New Year's Eve?

Max couldn't help to be a little nervous. Daisy and Cara, all in the same room. Even if it were a diner and fairly a public place.

He did his best to ignore Cara, but she'd smile at him as if she remembered very well, what happened on New Year's Eve.

Granted, it wasn't that bad. He kept telling himself this. It was just, he guessed they'd both had to much to drink.

Oh, she was a laugh. This skinny girl could definitely hold her liquor. Or so Max was beginning to process. She'd drank most of the vodka under the kitchen sink.

What had they been thinking? Having a party on New Year's eve. Of course, no one showed up. Daisy invited old friends. But, Henry and Josie didn't make it.

"Its not your fault," Max kept insisting.

"We need new people, in our lives." Daisy sound so sad, about everything that night. She'd even wanted to invite Sara and Taylor.

This sparked a bit of a row. Max couldn't imagine what had gotten in to Daisy.

"I hate her." He immediately said because he was suppose too. Sara was his ex.

"No, you don't." Daisy informed him.

"Well, I don't want to go there." Actually, he'd never spoken to Sara since she slashed his tires, and that was ages ago. That was high school. The worst break up ever.

"They both talked to me, other day when they were at the diner." Daisy shrugged as if she'd had some sort of memory loss of Sara, being her arch nemesis. "They're engaged, you know."

"Fine." He didn't want to get on that topic, either. Marriage was something they never ever discussed, anymore. They hadn't gotten each other Christmas gifts. That was the way Daisy always wanted it.

So, it was just the four of them to ring in the new year. Gun, from the basement, his new date Kara and well, the two of them plus baby Mandy, who was asleep by 10 p.m.

Cara was such a laugh, that fact remained. And the drinking. Max doubted Gun could even keep up with her.

But Max liked Cara. She always found something funny to say or do, and at moment, he didn't know exactly what that was, but he'd announced at midnight, ever so loudly. "Oh Cara! You, can come over, anytime you like! ANYTIME!"

Of course, he regretted getting drunk that night. He and Daisy did something more than sleep in bed.

"You, did use protection last night, didn't you?" She'd asked the next morning.

For the life of him, he didn't know. Why did he have to always know everything?

simply so

"So, are we ever going back to that diner?" Taylor was waiting for Sara to explain it to him. This whole Daisy and Max. Of course, he didn't bring it up that night, they were there, a few days before New Year's Eve.

Sara wanted friend chicken. And she remembered how good it was at Daisy's. But of course, it wasn't as good this time, because her old boyfriend Hansen didn't make it. Somehow, she'd forgotten what a good fry cook he was.

"So first there was Max and then Hansen." Taylor started that night, but Sara gave him a look, that he best shut up..if he knew what was best for him. So he was still trying to figure it out. The math of her old boyfriends.

But she and Daisy were really talking that night. About how the diner started and how much Sara had helped.

Now Sara announced a few days after the new year started, how they were going on a minimalist diet. She'd done her reading. Certainly, fried chicken was not this diet.

"We'll eat more veg and no meat. Only fish." She'd decided.

He wouldn't dare tell her he couldn't live like that. Maybe he could. He'd try. At least, for January.

"So, you're sure, this diet won't make you angry?" He knew how she was when she didn't get her KitKat bar after a workout.

Of course, she was a bit peeved with him already, just by the suggestion.

She opened the fridge door. It was rather barren, but there was broccoli and spinach, even some apples.

"I don't guess we'll be inviting Max and Daisy over, either." Taylor guessed Sara was just being nice at the time. Maybe Daisy was too. But it felt real when they talked. Especially, about the diner.

"They have a baby." She sounded as if that was enough to say NO WAY.

"But..but Essie comes over with Katherine, from time to time." Taylor looked at her as if they were actually baby friendly.

Sara sighed heavily. She winced. "There is no way Max would come here." She admitted. "And Daisy ..never liked me, anyway. And you want to start this?"

Taylor reached for a stalk of broccoli and handed it to her. "I don't." He smiled. "Maybe this'll make you feel better."

Of course, he'd want his broccoli dipped in Ranch dressing, but he wouldn't tell her this. Besides, this minimalist thing was to help them save money and live a better life.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I hope it all works out as planned...


Launna said...

I'm not sure why she invited Sara. .. especially since she was the worst break up ever xox ♡