Saturday, April 30, 2016

home sweet home

home sweet home

"Why didn't you tell me this! Before!" Sara's alarming voice put Taylor off. No way, did he want to be going to Chicago now, but it was planned.

Why did he have to tell her about Omaha taking care of the apartment while he was gone?

" haven't exactly..given me the opportunity.." He started to inform her, but of course, she cut in about how she didn't know this Omaha. Was Taylor crazy?

"Just..just calm down, will you?" This was all he needed, a big blow up. "We're looking for a house."

"A HOUSE?" She was even more bitter.

"Yeah." Taylor wouldn't lose it. He wouldn't bring himself to Sara's level. "Um, Ben found a house. Actually, I guess his parents did. Its in their neighborhood. And well, while I was there, with him, I looked next door ..and there it was. That porch has your name, all over it." Naturally, she wasn't pleased with that comment. "Anyway, the realtor, made it sound promising. I could be a home owner, any day now." He smiled.

He heard her deep sigh.

"Try not to be too mad about this, Sara. We can help each other out. If Omaha has his own room..and.."

"WHAT!" Now she was really fierce, but he knew her bark was worse than her bite.

He slightly chuckled. He texted her a picture. Yes, it was a cute little place and enough room in the basement for Omaha to have his own space.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I hope Sara warms to the idea!


Launna said...

I like that he knows how to deal with her reactions... that is cute