Thursday, July 21, 2016

a surprise of some kind

a surprise of some kind

Dustin was certain it was probably Gil or maybe that friend of Gil's who sent the text.  He jerked himself up in bed to get a good look... at who was sending this crap, over his phone. He squinted more, as his eyes adjusted.

It was Holly.

Well, of course, he got on some pants and went downstairs to let her in.

"You, OK?" He whispered, but she hugged him so quickly. It was as if a wet noodle stuck to his bare chest, only human and... oh so very warm.

He was awake now. He sighed, ever so carefully. Still, they couldn't stand in the foyer forever.

He thought of all those long nights he'd been up with Halie's baby Alec. His arms ached so, but he kept on... as if it were some duty he needed to with stand. It was something like that with Holly, too.

They went upstairs, ever so quickly, to his room.

"What is it?" He watched the way she moved. It was so puzzling.

She was on his bed now.

"I missed you, tonight." She said in a normal tone.

"Shh..." He put his fore finger over his lips. She couldn't talk so, yet he stood there taking her in.

"But-" Before he knew it he was pressing his finger on her lips, and he was tangled up with her on his bed. The weight of her stretched across his chest.

"I dunno." He tried to push up on his elbows, yet not so gracefully. "We're such good friends."

"Then..then I can tell you anything?" She was still hugging him. He was growing to endure it, ever so endearing.

"I guess." He whispered.

"God, I'm such..a mess." Her ear stuck to his breast. He sighed, trying to clear his throat.

"I could have gone off with him, you know." She told Dustin. "But I didn't, many times I've been down that road, you know. I mean, its not like I make it a habit, but sometimes...when..when you think you might be miss'n some'n, everyone else has got." Holly sighed. "And then..there is..You."

"Really? Seriously? What are you talking about?" He didn't care if he woke anyone now. But he didn't budge, neither did she. Actually, he'd missed the hugging.

"I really ME..don't you?" Her voice was sort of muffled, but he'd heard the LIKE ME so clearly.

"Well.." It would sound like such a long answer. And he didn't know if it would mean much, anyway. Where would he start? Telling her all about being with a young woman who had a child. Then, Macy, who was his internet love that he'd somehow treated like royalty, and that didn't turn out to be the love of his life, as he'd thought it would be. He sighed, thinking his neck might break.  How could he forget Gil, the horrible roommate who evidently loved him, according to his new FaceTime pal, Naill. "I'm..really..really bad at this romance stuff." He'd decided.

"I think we should do it." She finally looked up at him as if she'd sorted it all, after a quick nap on his chest.

"Shag?" His eyes were looking at her clearly. Her skin so soft and exotic.

Her smile was so open, like she was waiting to start this adventure. They kissed, but their teeth touched, as well. The next kiss was much better.


Launna said...

Awe, I like Dustin and Holly together... they both have baggage but who doesn't?

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

They're so adorable together!