Sunday, July 31, 2016

or something

or something

Gabby couldn't believe her luck. Callum hired her to be the afternoon reception at his recording studio.

Her head was in the clouds. It was all, like a dream. Especially, meeting new bands. She now had the inside pass for all those CD and after-parties, coming up.

"I don't see that happening." The blond guy, Stu said, as he looked Gabby over.

"What's your problem?" Gabby swelled a frown, as if he'd rained on her parade.

"I'm just saying, no mom in their right mind would let their daughter be at these parties that don't get started until way after midnight." Stu smirked, as if he were here to make sure she wasn't a part of those situations.

"I really don't have to worry about that." Gabby twisted and turned in her new swivel chair as she made herself at home in the office.

"Oh, really, you an orphan or something?" Stu gave her a dead stare.

"Or something." She wouldn't tell him a thing. Already, she knew one person she couldn't stand. A part of her wished she could get him fired. But then she noticed how Callum was when he came in and wanted to go over some stats and whatnot with this Stu fellow.

Gabby swallowed her pride and acted like she was already busy. Except, she Googled something that evidently the computer didn't like.

Gabby blew a breath. This job might not be as fun as she thought it might be.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I hope Gabby finds peace at her new job. Hopefully it works out better.


Launna said...

I do hope things work out better for Gabby at work...