Monday, August 1, 2016



Stu hated to say it, but he wasn't all that impressed with the new studio.

"You, should have just settled in L.A." Stu thought everything was too small, for starters. It was so compact. And there was a lot more refurbished materials than Callum mentioned.

"Its cheaper here and I like the retro feel." Naturally, Callum had an answer for everything. Of course, Stu never made too big of an issue of it. At least this was better than having to put up sound systems at rodeos and other peculiar places in the heat of summer.

So this had been his summer, listening to Callum and hanging out at the studio, getting all the glitches fixed. He knew life could be worse, but he was lonely.

It seemed all of his old friends were gone now. Except Callum, but he was always busy. Stu felt he didn't know him, anymore. It had been all work and no play.

Not that he was one for all play. Not like some of his friends he'd gone to art school with, which seemed like a lifetime, ago. Still, he felt he was in the middle of the road and nowhere to go. And now he had to contend with a teenager. How could Callum do this to him?

His luck he'd be stuck here for good. Watch all these fresh faces come and go. They were the ones going out west or maybe New York City. What was he thinking? Moving back to the mid-west.

Well, there was his Dad's old house. The last renter left it rather neglectful, but then again, it was his Dad who had done most of the neglecting. Yes, the house was his now, and he was trying to make it livable.

As it was, it was a basement full of cob webs and spiders. Oh, and the mold. Yes, he'd been taking care of that too.

Maybe, that was why he was so down and out. Maybe he wanted to be far from here..or maybe Stu just didn't know how to be happy.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Maybe it's a mix of both? I do wish Stu could find his own happiness. Perhaps a change of scenery would do him good.


Launna said...

Awe poor Stu, he really deserves to just go and do as he wants... I hope he finds happiness