Tuesday, August 2, 2016

It's now or never

It's now are never

Henry couldn't get over the news about Fish.

"You were, misdiagnosed?" He squinted harder, looking at Fish on his laptop screen. "All this time, since childhood?" Henry shook his head. At least, Fish was getting better. He could walk without a cane now. It was all so mind-boggling. Wasn't science suppose to help you?

Henry spoke of the baby. Josie was in, a little earlier, to show off baby Allie, now she was feeding the baby a bottle in the nursery.

"I will never get a full night's, rest again." Henry told him.

"I didn't think you slept, anyway..but you know you LOVE IT." Fish chuckled. "How are the seizures?" Fish wanted to know.

"Don't jinx it." Henry only smiled. He couldn't remember the last one he had. According to Josie, he could sleep through anything these days. So maybe he was sleeping.

"Um, have you heard from Leo?" Fish brought up a name that Henry hadn't thought of, for a long time.

"No. Why would I?" Henry thought he saw him at Christmas. Still, he wasn't certain it was him.

"I guess you and I don't get the same daily dose of news, anymore." Fish grinned reminding him how Henry used to be up on all the latest fashion gossip. The two of them always knew what was trending.

Oddly, Henry didn't miss it. He didn't care about such trivia.

"Leo, went and did it." Fish's words sounded so harsh.

"What?" A lump lodged in Henry's throat, as if he knew, but didn't want to think it.

"Transitioned. Went to Korea, had it all done, rather quickly. Evidently." Fish sounded as if the Leo they knew was gone for good.

Henry felt a little light headed. A laugh caught in his throat.

His ex-boyfriend was now a woman.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Definitely a bit of shocking news for Henry.


Launna said...

Wow, that was a shocker for Henry... lol