Thursday, February 9, 2017

a night like tonight

a night like tonight

Gabby didn't have time to think about Will and all his complaints, lately. He said she wasn't getting enough sleep.

Well, maybe she wasn't, but somebody needed to take care of these parties.

She looked around for someone she could count on. Howie. But he wasn't here. Of course, she didn't tell him about the party. She didn't want him to think she was using him.

"I hate this." She said under her breath. The crowd was thick with all sorts of musicians.  Most were hungry as bears.

Did they ever eat?

Even the popcorn was going.

It was not that fancy, even if Cal was still in town. But she saw him a few days ago with the Korean idol type. She had no idea Cal knew those kind of entertainers.

Was their a change? She didn't know about? Was the recording studio going international? She bumped into some guy who was with Ellis.

"You two, look so cute together." She said it before she could stop herself.

Ellis' eyes lit as if she'd said too much. She then caught Cal, looking at those two.

"What?" The fellow with Ellis took to meat balls. He stuffed several in his mouth.

Gabby could only watch.

Cal caught Ellis by the elbow, but it didn't seem to bother Ellis' date who had moved on to the bottled beer.

"Are you a musician?" Gabby asked him.

"Possibly." He only shrugged.

"And you..and Ellis?" Gabby introduced himself. He told her he was Geo.

"Um, he's making me study piano." He sighed. "I never learned a thing before, when I was a kid. Actually, I was pretty good before I started taking lessons. Self-taught, I guess, but the lessons messed me up. Kind of depressing, you know." Geo started in about his miserable life in music.

Gabby was certain he was going to talk like this, most of the night. He didn't seem to know, who Ellis was with.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

This night is turning out to be semi strange. :/


Launna said...

This is ort of odd... Gabby says whatever she is thinking...