Wednesday, February 8, 2017

that one thing

that one thing

It was getting late. Ducky checked his watch. But when Xander's uncle showed up, he thought he should make time for him, even if it was coffee in the hospital cafeteria.

"Some day, he'll be an excellent surgeon." Ducky was certain of it, when he spoke of Xander. Of course, that might not happen for another decade, but Ducky liked to think he was looking out for someone, who was very special to him. "He has steady hands."

Sid only chuckled as if that was just too funny. Ducky watched him cradle the cup of coffee. He'd hardly look Ducky in the eye.

"I'm serious." Ducky was even lipped. "If..if someone could have been a real family to him, when he was growing up..and he'd had the education..he was suppose to have..Xander could be a doctor, right now."

Sid pressed his lips tight. Ducky knew there were no good answers about Xander's past. He had to appreciate, someone had raised him. Xander hadn't been lost in the streets. Still, Ducky wished someone had been looking out for him.

"I don't blame you or your family. Your sister, must have had it hard. It was a hard time." Ducky sighed. It was true, a part of him hated Xander's father very much. "If..if only, he hadn't been selfish. If he could have..just once, thought about Xander's welfare." Ducky felt his words full of bitterness. It wouldn't do anyone... any good to bring this up, he knew..but sometimes, he couldn't help it..because Xander was important to him.

"I want him to get the education he deserves." Ducky glared at Sid.

Sid didn't say much, as if Ducky might think Xander came from heathens.

"I never thought about education much." Sid finally admitted. "I mean, all I ever needed was a good cycle that could take me from one coast to the other. I don't need all that much to live on." His smile was open.

Ducky stared at him for a moment. "um, but you have your sister's sofa to come back too." Ducky took a sip of coffee and smiled ever so pleasant.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Ducky is a feisty one!


Launna said...

I like that Dusty speaks his mind...